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iWelcome set out with an ambitious vision – to change the face of the European Identity & Access Management space. That vision is now a reality and our goal is to remain at the forefront of the industry. This requires forward thinking, creativity, leading-edge technical skills and commercial expertise. And that’s why we are always on the lookout for talented and motivated professionals to join our growing team! We have offices in The Netherlands and Romania and sales presence in Germany and the United Kingdom. We’re currently recruiting for the following roles:


    We are driving change, we are thinking ahead and we are running a mission-critical 24×7 infrastructure. This requires us to be with our minds in the future, but with our feet firmly in today’s practice.

    This is a challenge that we expect our Management Team to thrive on. To join our management ranks you need to be able to demonstrate that you are a leader in your field of expertise and have proven capabilities in such a fast-paced business environment. You will have a deep-rooted desire to develop yourself, your team and the company, and an unswerving appetite for being a catalyst for change within our industry.

    Product Management

    Here is where we develop our product vision and blend it with Consumer and Workforce IAM-market developments, our customers’ valuable feedback, our team’s foresight & ideas and the analysts’ views into the iWelcome product.

    Our Product Management team creates, designs and specifies our part of the IDaaS future and captures it in a concise development and sales aligned platform and service roadmap.

    Customer Success

    IDaaS can never be just a credit card relationship, it’s simply too critical. It requires a personal, hands-on customer service approach and that’s why we provide each customer with a designated service manager whose sole purpose is to ensure our service enables them to achieve their success – whether that means running their businesses safely and smoothly or, more strategically, by helping them to move towards new consumer-centric and identity-driven business models.

    Customer Success also means that we are here for our customers, 24×7, available and responsive, with a watchful eye on the operations of their iWelcome instance.

    Professional Services

    Our on-boarding teams are the first who are in. They make sure new customers are ready to use the iWelcome service in the minimum of timescales, fully customised and securely connected to the customer’s priority identity stores and applications. We act both as guides as well as hands-on co-workers!

    Our focus on large enterprises and the fact that we are working on the cutting edge of IAM requires us to build partnerships on the technical and implementation levels as well.  Our architects and technical consultants are being called upon to help our customers make iWelcome IDaaS a central part of their ICT-landscape.

    iWelcome’s Professional Services team consist of technical consultants, solution architects and project managers. As part of the team you will work closely with colleagues from across the organisation, as well as with professionals from our partners on a joint effort to make it work best!

  5. iWelcome

    We have a team of the brightest and most innovative individuals in any aspect of our company. Technology, Customer Success, Marketing, Sales and Business! Our team consists of veterans in the Identity & Access Management industry as well as eager and creative young technical talent. We are the best at what we do because we’re determined to push the Identity Management industry forward.

    iWelcome employees are passionate professionals, devoted to create, sell and deliver a premium Identity Management platform that inspires not only our customers and their consumers and employees, but ourselves too.

    Each day, we strive to learn something new from our customers, colleagues or just the world out there and aim to internalise that in the way we approach our work. This is the basis of our growing success as a game-changer in the world of Identity and Access Management.

    And with growth comes the need to expand our team!  Interested? just take a look at the vacancies below of just submit your profile to us if you believe that you should definitely be part of our iWelcome story!

    Sales | Marketing

    Here is where it all starts! Interesting the enterprise world in our platform and product. Naturally our primary task is to sell, however, we do not hit & run, but focus on establishing relationships and maintaining them well. We are convinced that we can serve our customers better than any other. Our sales executives take responsibility for developing their own territories and drive strategic sales initiatives. We value and support superior commercial talent, that is focused on winning new business and building long-term relationships with our customers.


    We love to play in the champions league of software development and as leaders in our field – we’re at the top of the league! We take pride in building mission-critical software that is used by some of Europe’s largest organisations to protect and connect their users and ICT resources. Our engineers work with the latest technologies, building user-centric and secure software in short development cycles.

    We value each member’s expertise and contribution, but individual brilliance must excel within a team environment. We are looking for people prepared to do more than just develop code. We challenge our engineers to improve the quality, security, functionality and non-functional capabilities of our system with every iteration.

    DevOps | Operations

    DevOps is the beating heart of iWelcome. The DevOps & Operations teams ensure iWelcome is always up! They follow our heartbeat and make sure we improve our monitoring & diagnostic systems in such way that we are always on top of or ahead of any event impacting our online presence, security, performance or service availability.

    DevOps also brings iWelcome alive for new customers, creating new tenants, and ensuring smooth and ongoing deployment of functionality.  And as with anything, most of the thinking and doing is done by the team way before, so we bring anything that is new frictionless into operations.  DevOps en Operations teams are placed bang in the middle of that crossroad where our platform infrastructure, network, application and monitoring systems meet.

    Quality Assurance

    At iWelcome we are living in a fast-paced and agile development landscape with bi-weekly release schedules. We see Quality Assurance (QA) as an integral part of that, with an appropriate balance of close involvement and intentional distance to ensure we are both well-informed as well as capable of maintaining a professional overview.

    QA at iWelcome has an end-2-end involvement in our specification, development, test and DevOps cycles and is the final gate before production. We treat QA holistic, covering IAM functionality, code quality, deployment readiness, performance, and security. We strongly believe in automation of everything within QA, however, we always challenge our QA experts to add their human savviness as a final test.

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