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Accelerate your digital business with frictionless, secure and privacy protected identity management for consumers, business customers and employees.

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Many organisations across various industries rely on iWelcome for serving their users with secure authentication and identity lifecycle management.

About us

Founded in 2011, Welcome is Europe's 'green' leader in IAM solutions, with an innovative approach to Consent Lifecycle Management and top-class private cloud technology.


We love to share knowledge and news on digital identities and iWelcome’s products. There is food for thought for everybody, from geeks to rookies. We appreciate your feedback!


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RfP Questions

The perfect RfP questions for CIAM

Do you find yourself in the midst of a selection process for the right CIAM vendor? Don't look any further! We've gathered the most important questions to ask potential vendors. 'Cause we like to make your life easier!


8 GDPR topics to be addressed with CIAM

In this whitepaper, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of these topics and hand you some valuable tips & tricks for being GDPR compliant on consumer interaction.

Gigya Migration Whitepaper

Migrate from Gigya to iWelcome

Over the past months, we've seen multiple Gigya clients exploring the market for a replacement of their CIAM solution. Their queries have brought us experience with these type of migrations and valuable insights into the current state of play.