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Webinar: Customer Centricity in Data Protection

December 12, 2018

GDPR has changed the marketing stage for good. Organisations have to find new ways to interact with customers and creatively ask permission to use personal data. Besides that, it is a clear fact that consumers are becoming more assertive and privacy-minded. The trick is therefore not to see GDPR as a limitation, but as opportunity to re-establish the trust between a customer and your organisation.

In the webinar you will learn how to take a customer centric approach to fulfilling GDPR requirements by taking advantage of consent lifecycle management. We’ll present you also many practical examples on how dialogue design and so called just-in-time (JIT) consents could change digital customer experience.

Mikko Nurmi is consultant for customer identity management at KPMG Finland. His department is KPMG's European center of expertise for Consumer IAM
He has been in Identity Management since 2007, and was involved in numerous international identity projects.

Our Product Marketer Pierre Vanderfeesten will join him to show best practices and examples, to illustrate how to get the best out of GDPR.

  • Date: 12th of December 2018, 3 pm CET
  • Presenters: Mikko Nurmi (KPMG Finland) and Pierre Vanderfeesten (iWelcome)
  • You can no longer register for this webinar. If you wish to see one of our webinar recordings, please click here.