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Webinar: Consent Lifecycle Management as business-enabler

August 30, 2018

While GDPR forces organisations to take a closer look at the phenomenon consent lifecycle management, the real trigger should be a business-driven argument: the right consent lifecycle management results in higher conversions and better customer satisfaction.

In this webinar, Corné van Rooij will tell how Consent Management can become organisations business enabler. He will give real-life examples or organisation and how by being transparent with their customers and by gathering their customers' data in a consent way, these organisations build trustworthy relationships with their customers.

It is not about gathering all the data about your customer from the start, it is about maintaining trustworthy relationships and by having a mutual and agreed with data exchange - this will help you to enable your business. Moreover, he explains how the right Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) solution helps organisations achieve this.

Are you interested to learn more about Consent Management and how it works? Read more information here

  • Date: 30th of August, 2018
  • Presenter:Corné van Rooij
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