Consent Lifecycle Management

Get yourself trained with a webinar on “Consent Lifecycle Management”

Webinar, April 4th, 4:00 PM (CET), KuppingerCole & iWelcome
Topic: Consent Lifecycle Management.

Did you miss the webinar or want to watch it back? Watch it here:

On the 4th of April a webinar about “Consent Lifecycle Management” was held. From 4:00 PM (CET) Martin Kuppinger (KuppingerCole) and Corné van Rooij (iWelcome) took the microphone to hand and explained how GDPR is involved, what the challenges are and how compliancy can help your organisation.

In this webinar, we will have a look at what makes the difference between Employee focused IAM and Customer focused IAM (CIAM) and what a CIAM solution needs to provide in order to help your organisation mastering the GDPR (and PSD2) challenges. Some of the key takeaways will be:

  • GDPR & PSD2 requirements for consent Lifecycle management
  • Proposals on where and how to implement this capability
  • How to take advantage of the UMA (User Managed Access) Standard defined by Kantara Initiative
  • How to turn GDPR requirements into a business advantage