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Security Posters

Security Awareness Posters

Educating your workforce on digital and security hygiene is paramount. However, many Security Awareness Programs turn out to be too costly and ineffective. That’s because often, they lack spaced learning techniques and just-in-time reminders to get employees to adopt the expected behaviour changes. Training your team with a mix of on-the-job training, technical nudges and physical cues delivers the best results. To get you started, iWelcome has developed various resources to support just such awareness campaigns. 

Download this free resource toolkit to get five end-user awareness posters in print-optimized, high resolution PDF-format. TIP: Using Acrobat Reader, you can freely edit the incident report email address at the bottom of each poster. 

  • Security is like the brakes on your car (business value motivations) 
  • Prioritize your pitstop (Patch Management) 
  • Less access is more security (Principle of Least Privilege) 
  • Security hygiene is part of your job (accountability and habit building)
  • Don’t bite! (phishing recognition techniques)

Download Security Posters