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Smooth registration, social log-in and
step-up authentication

Consumer loyalty comes with a combination of positive experiences and time. It starts with smooth registration and log-in experiences and is expanded by the feeling of trust and control. To provide consumers with the right experiences over time, iWelcome supports multi-layered registration processes asking for ‘Just-in-Time’ consent, social login options and step-up authentication.

One frictionless omni-channel customer experience

Whether customers are shopping online from a desktop, phone or tablet, or in a brick-and-mortar store, they expect a seamless user experience across all channels and devices. Personalised offers, buying history, favourites, they all should be available anytime anywhere. An integrated CIAM platform centralises all data, enabling the best integrated shopping experience. All with easy authentication on all devices.

Data lake integration for a better customer view

With all customer data centralised in one identity store, organisations can create a 360°-view of their customers. This improves cross- and up-selling (marketing), enhances support (customer care) and facilitates GDPR by providing one overview of customer data (compliance officers). With extensive data analytics and reporting features, marketing & sales is fed with the right data to sharpen their campaigns.

Offer consumers full control, GDPR compliant

Today’s consumers demand control over the personal data they share. Backed up with requirements from EU data protection and privacy regulation GDPR, this forces companies to open up their data models and provide consumers optimal control. iWelcome allows companies to store all consumer identity data in one place while allowing consumer easy access to view, edit, download and delete this data.

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Case Studies

PostNL (Consumers)


PostNL, the Dutch parcel and mail company, has made a major change in the way it offers its online services to consumers and businesses. It has transitioned from offering a variety of online services with separate user databases, logins and passwords.

Detailresult Groep

Detailresult Groep

Efficiency is the key to success in retail. Employees and managers at supermarket organisation Detailresult (Dekamarkt, Dirk van den Broek and other brands) organise their work more efficiently thanks to the introduction of two self service portals.