Consumer IAM for the Retail & E-tail Industry

From transaction-based to building trusted relationships with consumers. That is where the retail/e-tail industry is heading for. One standard customer approach no longer is sufficient to serve customers the way they want to be served. Customised, frictionless customer experiences and full control over data are rapidly becoming new licences to operate for retailers.

In order to do offer this, retailers/e-tailers need to fully understand who these consumers are, in order to provide the best services and customer journeys. iWelcome’s Consumer IAM is perfectly fit for purpose to help retailers achieve this, offering some clear benefits.

CIAM Buyer Toolset

Trusted relationships by the best experiences 

Consumer loyalty comes with a combination of positive experiences and time. It starts with smooth registration and log-in experiences and is expanded by the feeling of respect and control. To provide consumers with the right experiences over time, companies need to offer multi-layered (instead of requesting all data at once) registration processes, supporting social login options, and possibilities for step-up authentication.

Gain 360° insights into your consumer base

Many companies struggle with getting full insights into their consumer base. iWelcome’s marketing analytics & reporting functionalities allow organisations easy access to all consumer data. With extensive data analytics and reporting features, marketing & sales is fed with the right data to sharpen their campaigns, customer care centers can improve customer support and compliance officers are supported with (internal) audits. 

Comply to GDPR by putting consumers in control

Today’s consumers demand control over the identity data they share with you. Backed up with requirements from EU data protection and privacy regulation GDPR, this forces companies to open up their data models and provide consumer optimal control. To facilitate this, iWelcome allows companies to store all consumer identity data at one place while allowing consumer easy access to view, edit, download and delete this data. Fully compliant to GDPR, of course!

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