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We love to share our research on CIAM, IAM & GDPR

GDPR Report - State of GDPR in the US

State of GDPR in the US 

January 2019 - After the success of our European GDPR research, iWelcome initiated comprehensive research to find out how US firms perform when it comes to consumer privacy.

GDPR Research in Europe - ed.5

GDPR in Europe ed. 5

July 2018 - The post-deadline edition of our GDPR research. We have been testing GDPR requirements for some of the main consumer websites in Europe for the 5th time.

GDPR Research in Europe - ed.4

GDPR in Europe ed. 4

June 2018 - The 4th edition of our GDPR research. With just a few weeks before GDPR officially went into effect, 66.3% of all organisations were still far from being GDPR compliant. 

GDPR Research in Europe - ed.3

GDPR in Europe ed. 3

April 2018 - The third edition. With just a few months to go before GDPR 73% of European organisation is far from being compliant. 

GDPR Research in Europe - ed.2

GDPR in Europe ed. 2

January 2018 - The second edition shows a little progress, but companies still have to do a lot to get compliant to GDPR. 

GDPR Research in Europe - ed.1

GDPR in Europe ed. 1

December 2017 - The first edition of our research showed that 80% of organisations were not compliant to GDPR.