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Onboarding & Professional Services

To get you up-and-running in the shortest possible time - sometimes in weeks!

Onboarding Process

iWelcome is a Cloud Service Provider for Identity and Access Management (IDaaS). IDaaS is a business-critical infrastructure component for our customers. To minimise risks, iWelcome offers a structured Onboarding Process, backed by our or our Partner's Onboarding organisation in Professional Services, using IDaaS's best practices and templates.

Advantages of the iWelcome approach

Short time-to-deliver minimal loveable implementation

Quickly deliver a minimal-loveable product to your organisation, become a champion and start optimising and rolling out o to other user groups and applications.

Reduced project risks

No blank piece of paper. Start with a design which already has proven successful in small (2,000+) to large (5,000,000+) user groups.

Simple transfer to operation

A smooth hand-over from onboarding to Operations, including all standards regarding Information Security, Monitoring, the Operational Level Agreement, Communication, etc.

With this standardised and proven approach, customers will be supported and facilitated with the implementation of the Identity & Access Management service while taking the governance role. Customers request the ‘What’, iWelcome or its partner takes care of the ‘How’ and ‘That’ it will be implemented within existing processes and functionality of the iWelcome service and within the agreed scope.

To facilitate this process, iWelcome follows a structured approach consisting of six steps with milestones supported by templates, tools and best practices and the experts of our Professional Services Team.

Onboarding Process

Six structured steps with milestones, templates, tools and best practices, together with the experts of our Professional Services Team are the ingredients to get you up-and-running in the shortest possible time - sometimes in weeks!

1. Kick-Off Meeting

Starting off with a Kick-Off Meeting which intends to agree on the way of working, responsibilities and finalise scope of the initial onboarding of the iWelcome IDaaS service.

The Kick-Off is followed by two or more workshops:

  1. Functional & Technical: Focus on configuration and connectivity;
  2. Business-as-usual: focus on OLA, SLA, incident and release management.

2. Functional & Technical Workshops

The iWelcome Solution Architect and/or Technical Consultant will gather all relevant information necessary for the initial setup of the iWelcome IDaaS service. These workshops are based on template-documents containing best practices. During this phase, subjects like registration process, look and feel, portal / application integration for SSO, configuration for self-service, (strong) authentication, delegated user management and consent lifecycle management are defined.

3. Deployment & Configuration

During this phase, the iWelcome private tenant for the client will be created and configured. When done, sanity checks are run before it’s handed over to the technical consultant who can start doing the actual work of connecting and configuring iWelcome.

4. User Acceptance & Integration Tests

When the minimal loveable implementation is completed, the client can run integration tests. These tests check all major functionality and focus on the integration with the connected portals and delivered functionality.
Once completed the tenant is ready to go live.

5. Go - Live

The last important phase of the onboarding project is the Go - Live. This phase will be carefully planned and is specific to each and every customer. Once live, clients can benefit immediately and iteratively expand the usage of the service.

6. Handover to our Support Organisation

After a successful Go - Live, the environment will be taken into support by our Operations Organisation.
During the operations phase, the system is managed according to the iWelcome Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the customer specific arrangements in the Operational Level Agreement (OLA). For you as a client they will be the SPOC for all your questions, issues and change requests.

Onboarding additional portals and further roll out
Clients typically follow the ‘land and expand’ approach, which means that once live, by the means of an iterative process, clients add more and more portals, applications, capabilities and features as part of the further roll out.

Meet the Team

iWelcome provides a team of skilled individuals to execute the onboarding projects. The following roles are assigned:

Project Manager

Project Manager

Delivers the iWelcome tenant to assure customer Go - Live in a timely and orderly fashion in line with the agreed scope. Transfers client’s environment to iWelcome operations. Acts as the main customer contact point during the complete onboarding process.


Solution Architect

Defines together with you the 'What' and translates it into a "Solution Design". Once this is clear the Solution Architect monitors that the  iWelcome tenant is deployed, connected and configured accordingly. Provides best practices input and helps clients choose the best integration options or migration scenarios for their specific scenario.

Technical Consultant

Technical Consultant

Configures and connects the tenants in accordance to the Solution Design and guides the client with their technical integration, data migration and UI.