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Werner Dijkerman on "The use of Molecule for testing Ansible Roles"

At the Ansible Benelux meetup, iWelcome DevOps Engineer Werner Dijkerman gave a presentation on the use of Molecule for testing Ansible Roles.

IT Automation

Suppliers of cloud solutions face serious challenges these days when implementing fast, repeatable infrastructure setups to meet customer demands, both in terms of volume and instant delivery. Automation of system management tasks with Ansible is already a widely-accepted approach to reach these goals.  But this type of automation requires QA and testing. 


Werner talked about using Molecule to test Ansible scripts integrated in a continuous build and test pipeline. Molecule uses modeling so that you can monitor your project at each stage of development. Imagine building your house and being able to use a scale model to test every detail individually and also see how it fits as a component of the completed house. Molecule gives you the same perspective on your IT automation projects.

iWelcome’s commitment

The Ansible open source community is growing and has already reached nearly 200 meetups connecting professionals all over the world. These professionals are dedicated to bringing IT automation to a higher level and iWelcome is very committed to contribute and support this community. 

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