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ThiemeMeulenhoff presents e-learning as-a-service at Identity Management Europe

iWelcome was delighted that on the 17th September 2015, ThiemeMeulenhoff’s Manager for Identity & Access Management, presented the publishing firm’s business case for its iWelcome implementation at Identity Management Europe 2015.

The one day conference at the Mövenpick Hotel in Amsterdam was Whitehall Media’s first conference of its kind in mainland Europe. It brought together the most forward-thinking minds in the identity management and access arena, with presentations from leading companies and vendors Dr. Rob van der Staaij, Manager for Identity & Access Management at ThiemeMeulenhoff and Lecturer in Cybercrime and Cybersecurity at the University of Groningen, gave a presentation detailing ThiemeMeulenhoff’s business case for iWelcome Identity and Access Management as-a-service, or in its case ‘e-learning as-a-service’.

ThiemeMeulenhoff is one of the third largest educational publishers in the Netherlands. It is currently transitioning towards revitalising learning by supporting publishers in their transition from books to eBooks and to delivering personalised learning programmes.

Personalised learning programs

In his presentation, Rob van der Staaij spoke about the advantages of e-learning as-a service, which include customisation, capturing feedback and the integration of multimedia and web links. Perhaps the biggest advantage is how e-learning can deliver a personalised learning programme, where resources keep pace with the progress of each student.

Safeguard student privacy using iWelcome IDaaS

He went on to describe the organisation’s technological challenges around identity and access management and describe iWelcome’s solution. ThiemeMeulenhoff needs to be able to identify and authenticate hundreds of thousands of students. It is utilising iWelcome’s Identity and Access management services to support secure access to its courses and resources, and to safeguard student privacy across a widespread educational environment.

Website: ThiemeMeulenhoff

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