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Minister Kamp explains how eHerkenning works (video in Dutch)

An explanation of eHerkenning by Minster Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs, how eHerkenning (eRecognition) helps companies to improve communication with government bodies.

This specific business case was shot at the municipality of Rijssen-Holten, one of the first iWelcome eHerkenning customers.eHerkenning is a digital key to provide easy and safe access to many different government websites. It is comparable to the current DigID access for civilians.

Koen Jansen of the construction company RoosdomTijhuis explains: "It allows us to easily communicate with our government" for example for a permit or a subsidy. As a company, we  can now more easily apply for government services. Only authorised persons for specific services will be able to actually apply. Koen Jansen explains that he provides a username and password to safely communicate with the municipality through a government broker that certifies safe communication.

This improved communication replaced paper applications - Koen Jansen shows a large pile of papers that he had to fill out previously; additionally he needed to provide autographs from different people before the application was ready for assessment by the municipality .

Minister Kamp explains that eHerkenning is the new digital way to safely, securely and reliably apply for government services.

Watch video.

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