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KuppingerCole reconfirms iWelcome ‘Product and Innovation leadership’ in its 2017 Leadership Compass for CIAM platforms

Identity, security & cloud analyst KuppingerCole again ranked iWelcome the #1 Innovation leader and #2 Product leader for Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platforms, and the only Vendor with 4 out of 5 ‘Strong Positive’ endorsements for its functionality.

Frictionless GDPR

The analyst values iWelcome’s CIAM, with a special recognition of its in-depth GDPR functionality and IoT support.

iWelcome’s CIAM service:

  1. Provides fine-grained consent mechanisms and transparent privacy management dashboards for consumers to control their personal data;
  2. Guarantees data residency in 10 European countries, the US and Asia, with multi-datacenter coverage in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and the US;
  3. Provides real time compliance reporting for its customers DPO’s.

Privacy Protected CIAM

iWelcome improves registration and conversion rates and enhances the personalised user experience - across multiple brands if required. It provides a 360-degree view of the user population to support omni channel interactions. The platform is built on the industry’s most flexible (meta-)database, enabling it to act as the authoritative source for consented privacy related data, for all consumer facing applications.

 “Organizations in the EU that need flexibility in their consumer identity systems should include iWelcome in RFPs,” according to KuppingerCole.

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