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KuppingerCole: iWelcome for 3rd time Global CIAM Technology Leader

iWelcome, the first and still most mature IAM as-a-Service provider with European roots, announces that for the 3rd year in a row, it has been recognised 'Product Leader', 'Innovation Leader' and 'Technology Leader' in the Global Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) category by KuppingerCole analysts in their Leadership Compass for CIAM Platforms. 

Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole, John Tolbert, emphasises iWelcome’s flexible customer registration processes, strong security features and excellent support for GDPR with granular consent management. Tolbert: “iWelcome provides the strongest GDPR compliance features and integrates with various in-country trusted identity providers.” iWelcome started initiatives in the US and is steadily growing its partner eco-system.

Specialised vs. traditional vendors
Specialised vendors in the CIAM market provide the most mature products, according to the research. This includes companies like iWelcome, Janrain, Login Radius and ForgeRock. In this category we see the advanced CIAM features like flexible integrations, authentications and registrations for more mature customer journeys. After the publication, Akamai announced the acquisition of Janrain, which naturally will give turmoil in the further development of the Janrain product for the year to come.

With the emerging CIAM demand, traditional vendors are trying to benefit and serve their customer base with modified or acquired capabilities. These vendors, ranked as ‘followers’ or ‘challengers’, either have a strong workforce background like Okta, Ping and IBM, or can be categorised as platform vendors like Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP (acquisition of Gigya) and soon maybe Akamai (after the integration of Janrain). Naturally, in the workforce categories we see traditional IAM capabilities applied to consumers whereas in the second category there is a strong focus on their specific platform.

Staying on top of innovation
Danny de Vreeze, CEO of iWelcome, accredits his excellent product team for this leadership position. “Reaching the top is a great achievement but staying ahead of competition for many years requires even more perseverance. Our staff has delivered on last year’s promise to be API-first and created the foundation for the worldwide partner strategy with recent partnerships with KPMG, PwC and Thales as well as smaller partners with a regional focus. Our partner trainings are constantly over-booked.”

One CIAM solution for multiple applications
Insurances with strong KYC demand, media & publishing companies with massive user spikes requiring friendly and progressive profiling, as well as utility providers connecting things to customers and many other verticals are using the iWelcome platform in numerous B2C, B2B and even B2E use cases for registration, logon, access and consent management. iWelcome’s Consent Management can also be integrated with an existing commercial or home-grown customer logon system at clients. iWelcome, being mentioned ‘innovation leader’ by KuppingerCole, contributed to the NIST-standard for meta-data and is co-chairing the Kantara workgroup for Consent Management

'Strong Positive' rating
Apart for the 'industry-leading consent management', iWelcome is recognised for its micro-services based platform, broad support of standards (including OAuth2 Device flow and UMA), flexible registration (with step-outs using BPMN 2.0 workflow), developer friendly API’s (OpenAPI-based) and integrations with profile and event-data for security, marketing analytics and other data-lakes (using ELK-stack, Tableau server and syslog forwarding).

John Tolbert concludes that with a 'Strong Positive' rating on Security, Functionality, Interoperability and Usability, organisations requiring flexibility and strong consent management should always consider iWelcome.

About KuppingerCole and the Leadership Compass
KuppingerCole is a Global Analyst Company focusing on Information Security and Identity and Access Management (IAM). KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass is a tool that provides an overview of a particular IT market segment and identifies the leader in that segment. It is the compass that assists decision makers in identifying the right vendors and products for their projects.

About iWelcome
iWelcome is the only European born Identity Platform delivering at scale. Millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of employees across various industries rely on iWelcome on a daily basis. Analysts as Gartner and KuppingerCole have recognised iWelcome as a worldwide Product and Innovation Leader with 'Excellent' ratings. Building truly winning partnerships with its customers, iWelcome offers lowest TCO and a time-to-service in weeks. Applying best-of-breed Private Cloud Technology, customers benefit at both ends: using a SaaS service while not having to share critical resources. The iWelcome platform is delivered from 20 Worldwide datacenters with data residency in the main European countries.

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