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iWelcome provides unparalleled consent management features - KuppingerCole

John Tolbert, senior analyst at KuppingerCole, with internationally recognized expertise in cybersecurity and identity management, says iWelcome provides unparalleled consent management features in his latest Executive View. 

Executive View 

KuppingerCole’s Executive View is a thorough review written by a senior analyst about a specific vendor. In this Executive View John Tolbert describes iWelcome in a concise manner and shows its strengths and challenges to give end users a short expert reference.

iWelcome is a leading CIAM solution provider

iWelcome is a product and innovation leading CIAM solution provider, headquartered in the Netherlands. "The company is strongly focused on delivering IDaaS and CIAM solutions to help clients building frictionless customer journeys while complying with EU GDPR. Their offerings are cloud-based, scalable solutions hosted in 14 data centers across the EU."

The executive view describes the iWelcome product and looks at the strength and challenges of the company, if you would like to really understand iWelcome's position we encourage you to download and read the document. 

Download the full report

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