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iWelcome named 'Innovation Leader' for Identity API Platforms by KuppingerCole

KuppingerCole just released the first edition of their Leadership Compass for Identity API Platforms, elaborating on the API Economy trend that is also shaping the Identity & Access Management market. iWelcome was named a Leader in the Innovation category, enduring the ‘Innovation Leader’ status it has achieved through KuppingerCole’s CIAM & IDaaS Leadership Compasses since 2014.

Driven by Digital Transformation, businesses are changing their online interaction with customers. The extent to which they are technically able to perform and manage this interaction is crucial for success. APIs enable organisations to connect with customers and business partners, linking systems and services together, all while providing a seamless user experience. So exposing and consuming APIs is critical for a contemporary Identity platform that is part of a modern API-based infrastructure. 

As an Innovation Leader, iWelcome’s developer focused and API-first platform, provides API-support for SCIM, Identity-events, SAML2, OIDC, OAuth2, JWT and UMA. iWelcome, leverages the OpenAPI standard for flexible integration with other systems. A special accolade is for the Consent API. Consent (on user attributes and documents -as required under GDPR) is dynamic by its nature and must travel with identity data to consuming systems. With this Consent API, iWelcome is the Single-Source-of-Truth for consented identity data in a modern customer focused IT-landscape. 

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