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iWelcome is the Only European vendor in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for IDaaS

iWelcome was delighted to be named as the only established ‘European’ IDaaS vendor in Gartner’s inaugural Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS). Gartner’s MQ evaluates vendors on their ability to be general-purpose identity and access management (IAM) service providers for multiple-use cases. To be included,  vendors must provide functionality in all of the following areas: Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), access - including user authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO), authorisation enforcement and intelligence.

Gartner attributes the strong growth in IDaaS to the following factors: the market’s need to install IAM for SaaS applications; its need for faster time to value over traditional on-premise IAM, and its desire to avoid IAM implementation failures.

Cost reduction IAM

The market’s needs to reduce IAM costs are also identified as a factor contributing to the growth of the IDaaS market. These costs include resources (implementation staff, operations staff and help desk personnel), software investment costs, on-going maintenance, patch and upgrade costs, infrastructure costs and any costs incurred in ensuring resilient implementations and business continuity. Although IDaaS is a relatively young market, Gartner’s MQ listed IDaaS vendors have already demonstrated maturity across practically all IAM markets, from SMEs through to large scale enterprise use.

Why iWelcome is worthy of its position

iWelcome provides its IDaaS solution in a dedicated single tenant delivery model to allow for customisation and customer branding. According to Gartner, because iWelcome is the only established European IDaaS vendor, larger organisations, especially those in Europe with concerns over the US government’s ability to access employee, business partner or customer data, and with a need for more functionality in IGA, should consider iWelcome as the vendor of choice. Gartner states that “iWelcome’s early work with government organisations has pushed iWelcome to address the highest security requirements.”

Reputable open-source technology

Aside from iWelcome addressing high security requirements, Gartner gave special mention to its reputable open-source technology, the accessibility of most functions via its Application Programme Interface, as well as its established presence in the market and large enterprise customer base. iWelcome’s placement in the MQ is a clear endorsement by Gartner that iWelcome, along with its partners and customers, has successfully translated its vision to become the European IDaaS vendor of choice, into execution.

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