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iWelcome launches ‘iWelcome Mobile Identity’, for Mobile Authentication, Securing mobile apps and 2-Factor Authentication

Amsterdam, 11 June 2020 - iWelcome, Europe’s #1 Customer Identity platform for B2C and B2B, launches ‘iWelcome Mobile Identity’ for banking-grade mobile access. With this new module, mobile platform providers and app builders can keep their focus on building functionality while relying on iWelcome for integration with common 2FA apps, secure in-app messaging, e-signing, all delivered via a mobile app or natively integrated using the mobile SDK.

iWelcome launches ‘iWelcome Mobile Identity’, for Mobile Authentication, Securing mobile apps and 2-Factor Authentication

The new iWelcome Mobile Identity (IMI) module consists of an authentication app that provides customers with unparalleled banking-grade security for passwordless and multi-factor authentication, secure messaging and e-signing from an out-of the-box mobile authentication app for Android and iOS. IMI also provides a mobile SDK for embedding the authentication, signing and messaging features in custom developed mobile apps. Organisations that use IMI can flexibly adopt either option depending on the business need and the Time to Value.

User-friendly experience

Marco Venuti, VP Product at iWelcome, says: “Our clients - whether they are insurances, utility companies, multi-media platforms or government departments - want to offer their customers intuitive experiences no matter which device they’re using. IMI, with its App and SDK, has been designed to deliver the best user experience without compromising on security.” The solution allows to natively integrate user-friendly frictionless mobile authentication flows for our clients user base, whether these users are consumers, employees or business partners. Step-up authentication can be added on sensitive application activity, as well as transaction signing and secure in-app messaging.

Enhanced security

Marco Venuti is clear about the need to develop the mobile SDK: “We see a reduced consumer reliance and trust on social and third-party solution providers like Google Authenticator. Consumers fear their privacy isn’t guaranteed. Besides that, we work with a lot of financial institutions. The sensitivity of the content and transactions in their apps demand for non-repudiability. With our enhanced platform we are able to guarantee that advanced level of security and privacy that enterprise organisations need.”

Customer journey orchestration

Besides secure authentication, iWelcome’s mobile solution has other advantages. Marco Venuti: “Thanks to a simple API architecture, our customers will also be able to orchestrate the user journeys by changing registration, activation and progressive profiling flows. The identity texture adoption provided by iWelcome’s SDK will allow corporate mobile application development to accelerate.”

About iWelcome

iWelcome is Europe’s # 1 Customer Identity platform (CIAM). We give organisations in finance and other selected industries the agility and speed to provide their consumers and business partners secure & seamless access across portals, apps and things. Trusted identities and easy access are the corner stone in any winning digital strategy; with iWelcome’s cloud service that’s all being taken care off. Born and headquartered in Europe, iWelcome provides features such as Flexible Onboarding, Identity Validation, Consent Management, GDPR support, MFA and Delegation. All of this provided via multi-branded-UI and API’s, making iWelcome one of the most flexible CIAM solutions on the market. Analysts like Gartner and KuppingerCole have been recognising iWelcome as a worldwide Product Leader with “Excellence” ratings since 2014. On top of that, iWelcome is the largest certified supplier for the Dutch government ID ‘eHerkenning’, notified under eIDAS.

iWelcome launches ‘iWelcome Mobile Identity’, for Mobile Authentication, Securing mobile apps and 2-Factor Authentication