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Breaking News: Onegini and iWelcome are now OneWelcome | READ PRESS RELEASE  


iWelcome joins JanusID initiative for EID

Consumers want easy, safe and privacy-proof access to websites. Businesses want to provide this service, and also be able to recognise their visitors and minimise data protection risks. JanusID provides a comprehensive solution for electronic identities, or ‘eIDs’, that deal with the requirements of both consumers and businesses.

iWelcome is enthusiastic about the JanusID concept and decided to join this initiative. The iWelcome Identity Management as-a-Service platform will be the underlying technology for JanusID.

For more information you can contact JanusID’s initiator mr. Irwin M.N. Oedayrajsingh Varma

Email info@janusid.nu

Phone +316 28277088

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