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IDaaS for Serious Request 2015

'3FM Serious Request’ is the annual radio and multimedia fundraising event developed and hosted by public pop radio station 3FM since 2004. 3FM Serious Request, has become a national December tradition, reaching more than 80% of the Dutch population.

How does serious request work

Money is raised for the International Red Cross in the week before Christmas. iWelcome has provided the Identity Management Platform.

For 3FM Serious Request, three popular radio DJs lock themselves up in a glass studio during six days. Living on a juice-only fast, the DJs make an interactive, themed broadcast around the clock, while regular programming on the station is suspended. Instead 3FM and its website are completely dedicated to the event, which is also transmitted as a continuous audio and video live-stream.

Cross media concept adopted by 9 countries

Additionally there is 24x7 television coverage, integration with social media, and a dedicated mobile app. The concept has grown each consecutive year and has been adopted in Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Kenya, South Korea, Austria, Latvia and Portugal.

The mother company, NPO (Dutch Public Broadcasting) selected iWelcome’s IDaaS. In just 4 weeks iWelcome was embedded within the NPO ICT environment and fully operational. The iWelcome team is proud on their contribution to this national fundraising tradition. 

Website NPO  -  Website Serious Request  -  Movie NPO 

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