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iWelcome secures funds for Identity and Access management

iWelcome, the European Identity as a Service provider (IDaaS), announces the closing of a Series A investment round with new Investors, Newion Investments and Filsa Capital joining founder Cloud Ventures.  The funding will be used to boost development capability, accelerate growth in the Netherlands and fuel European expansion.

iWelcome provides a cloud based Identity and Access management (IAM) service that allows organisations to securely and efficiently manage employee-, partner and customer credentials and access rights across internal, external and cloud applications.  The iWelcome platform is architected as a generic cloud service, yet accommodates the extensive security and integration requirements of enterprise customers.

Security, Governance and cost efficiency are key drivers for Identity and Access Management, however, iWelcome honours its name by putting al of this in the context of a frictionless service and ease of use for the end-user. iWelcome supports Bring Your Own Device and Bring Your Own Apps as well as many forms of authentication. iWelcome offers strong self-service and delegation functionality and a management console that can be accessed anytime from any device.

A decade of IAM experience embedded in an IAM cloud service

“iWelcome is created by the IAM experts in Europe. Its seasoned engineers know from experience the challenges and difficulties of implementing IAM within corporates and large organisations. Therefore the iWelcome platform is architected bearing the complexity and the specific requirements of these customers in mind. In order to comply with security- and privacy regulations, iWelcome is ISO 27001 certified and hosted in the Netherlands”, said Danny de Vreeze, CEO of iWelcome. “Whereas our vision is already supported by prospects, customers and analyst, with this investment iWelcome has secured sufficient funding to enhance its ability to execute.”

“Valuable addition to our investment portfolio’

Patrick Polak, Managing Partner at Newion Investments: ”On one side we see the cloud becoming a dominant way to adopt business applications. And, on the other side we see the security and privacy threats that full-scale use of cloud applications brings along. Perimeter control by implementing strong Identity and Access Management capability therefore is key!

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