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iWelcome and Digidentity team up to enable specialisation within the Dutch eID scheme eHerkenning

Amsterdam, 12 May 2021 - iWelcome, the leading European IDaaS supplier and one of the five trusted brokers for the Dutch eID scheme eHerkenning, and Digidentity, one of the other trusted eHerkenning brokers and eID supplier, have entered into a partnership. iWelcome will strengthen its position in eHerkenning by representing Digidentity’s eHerkenning broker in the market.

eHerkenning is an identity federation founded on a public-private partnership between the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the business community. This means that the login system is not a single technical tool, but it is a framework maintained and provided by accredited brokers on the one hand, and token issuers on the other hand.

“The broad adoption of eHerkenning, with 650.000 verified business identities and the notification under eIDAS, requires the need for specialisation,” explains Maarten Stultjens, VP Business Development at iWelcome. “eHerkenning started as a business login for public portals and keeps growing to 500 organisations today, offering the same login functionality. Especially private industries like insurance are adopting eHerkenning as a standard for trusted identities.”

Within the eHerkenning framework, iWelcome is the largest broker and in that role serves most ministries, Tax & Customs Authorities and the National Institute for Public Health, as well as an increasing number of private organisations, including large insurers. “As an IDaaS solution provider, we know the challenges of our customers. We don’t limit ourselves to offering the eHerkenning broker, but we are able to represent our customers in the eHerkenning network and add additional services for the large public and private customers that we work for,” says Stultjens.

Digidentity is specialised in providing businesses and private persons with trusted and verified online IDs, such as Digitaal Paspoort and GOV.UK Verify. Within eHerkenning they will further focus on tokens and authorisations. In the collaboration, Digidentity will continue to develop its broker and implement all operational and technical activities. The account management, the commercial activities, and the representation of broker clients within the eHerkenning network will be taken over by iWelcome. The partnership provides iWelcome customers, in a single contract, with the unique possibility to benefit from two completely independent technical brokers for failover.

About Digidentity
Digidentity is a global online identity verification company, combining smooth usability with government-grade security. Digidentity is part of Solera Holdings, Inc., a global leader in risk and asset management data and software solutions for the insurance and automotive industries. Last year alone, Digidentity’s technology processed over 300 million authentications and protected the digital identities of more than 20 million people globally. It makes online identification easier, quicker, and more secure. We enable safe digital communication between individuals and government - both in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands - and are continuously developing new and improved services.

iWelcome and Digidentity team up to enable specialisation within the Dutch eID scheme eHerkenning