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EZDA distributes iWelcome IAM as-a-service

On the 18th of December 2013 EZDA and iWelcome signed a contract regarding iWelcome IAM as-a-service. EZDA will distribute iWelcome IAM as-a-service to the healthcare and cure providers in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam. EZDA (Electronisch Zorgdossier Amsterdam) is the cooperation of healthcare and cure providers in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam for electronic information exchange. This information exchange can be transmutable between the healthcare providers or with the patient or client. With the increasing number of partnerships within healthcare there is a need for sharing Portals, Applications, and Services. To gain access to theses IT-services Healthcare professionals need to remember many usernames/passwords to do their work. iWelcome’s Identity and Access Management services will provide these professionals with easier and more secure access to patient data.

iWelcome’s Identity and Access Management Platform (IAM as-a-service) includes the following services:
- Strong Authentication;
- Federated Log on (Mutual recognition of identities within partnerships);
- Single Sign-On;
- User administration and synchronization;
- Login and Auditing.
iWelcome provides this functionality as-a-Service, based on Open Source Software with a separate tenant for every client from a Dutch data center. iWelcome is ISO 27001 certified and accredited by the Dutch Government for eRecognition (the Dutch Business-to-Government federation).

EZDA selected iWelcome IAM as-a-service for its very complete offering, its flexible SaaS delivery model and extensive experience in federations.

Sint Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis and Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis will take the lead and start using the Strong Authentication service of iWelcome for securing access to their joined SharePoint Portal. Amsterdam University Medical Center (AMC), VU University Medical Center (VUMC), and family practices will follow and start a pilot for federated access. Professionals from different organizations will be able to use different IT-Services with just one single username or alternatively their UZI-pas (PKI based Healthcare Provider Identification).

For more information about these services, please contact:
EZDA H. Barenburg h.barenbrug@ezda.nl
iWelcome M. Stultjens maarten.stultjens@iwelcome.com

More about EZDA.

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