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eIDAS changes online business in Europe

Is your organisation ready for online business across borders? From September 2018 on forward, European citizens and companies need to be able to log in to the system of public European organisations using their own national ID. Legislation 910/2014, or eIDAS, has the purpose to make it easier and more secure to do online business within Europe.

What is eIDAS?

All Countries with a European membership agreed to use the same concepts, agreements and infrastructure when looking at online services. These are clarified in the eIDAS regulation. The regulation stimulates services and business between citizens and organisations within European countries. This all starts with a trustworthy identity-check upfront!

What to do to become Europe-proof

In the Netherlands iWelcome and Connectis are partnering up to provide the eIDAS integration that prepares your organisation for the future (V 1.11 of our eRecognition service). Contact us to gain all the information that you need. In the other European countries you need to go to the website of the national ID and look for a broker that can help you integrate.

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