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Cloud IAM as business enabler (Article PvIB)

Welcome in the world of Cloud IAM!  
"Identity & Access Management as business enabler, that is a precondition for every organisation building a digital relationship with their customers", says Maarten Stultjens, VP Sales & Business Development, iWelcome.  Key topics in the article are:

  • Cloud IAM (IDaaS)
  • Identity enables digital transformation
  • Private tenant platform
  • No more Safe Harbour
  • Best Cloud Security Project

Read more in the article about our best practices and vision of Danny de Vreeze, CEO, iWelcome, about IDaaS in the Informatie Beveiliging Magazine nr 8, 2016. (article is in Dutch, source PvIB)

PvIB is the knowledge center in the field of Information Security in the Netherlands. It is the platform where information, knowledge and experience on the subject is collected, improved, added to and passed on again. PvIB unites all parties involved and interested in the field of Information Security.

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