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iWelcome's Business Continuity during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

iWelcome issues the following business continuity statement in response to the global public health situation of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The existing Business Continuity Plan as part of the iWelcome IDaaS platform and Service Level Requirements (SLRs) is sufficiently resilient to manage system failures and changes, as it is supported by monitoring controls and multi-national Disaster Recovery facilities.

Business impact analysis

iWelcome is a geographically diverse company with offices in multiple countries. As of now, no colleagues or direct partners have been diagnosed with carrying the virus nor are known to have symptoms. We monitor the advancing outbreak daily and take further measures to protect the health of our staff and continuity of the service delivery to our customers.

Given the nature of our work and geographical distribution of both our workforce as well as systems locations, we expect little difficulty in continuing primary operations.  

We have commenced operations in an increasingly distributed approach, by working from home and scaling up our established remote workflows through online collaboration tools. This will be of no impact to our customers, as our work can continue normally using secure connections and strong authentication to all our operations and supportive services.

Business continuity updates: June 2020

Employees that prefer to work from one of the iWelcome offices may do soon a voluntary basis from June 9th onward, after filing a request and receiving clearance from our Covid-19 staff coordinators. This will prevent having too many people present in our offices at the same time.

The health of our employees and guests is of our utmost importance. Therefore, all offices have been prepared to safeguard this by means of the following adjustments: 

  • In Romania, face masks and a thermometer will be available in accordance with local legislation; 
  • Stripes have been drawn on the floors to indicate walking routes and workspaces; 
  • Superfluous chairs and other furniture have been removed; 
  • Additional cleaning materials are provided to clean toilets, meeting rooms, workplaces, and coffee machines; 
  • Marks are placed on toilets with “green” and “red; 
  • No lunch or food will be provided in the office; 
  • Office buildings will be ventilated as much as possible. 

While the offices are in useemployees are required to do the following: 

  • Not share a workplace or desk; 
  • Clean toilets, coffee machines, meeting rooms and workplaces before and after using; 
  • Refrain from using the refrigerators; 
  • Bring their own lunch; 
  • Walk clockwise as much as possible and follow the designated routes. 

Business continuity updates: March 2020

Closely monitoring and adhering to technical guidance and best practices from established governmental and medical sources, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), we have implemented additional controls to counter the spread and impact of the disease among our staff, partners, customer and the general public, such as:

  • Requiring all staff to limit business visits and where possible connect remotely;
  • Requesting all staff to apply great caution with regional travel movements;
  • Requesting all staff with suspected symptoms, or who have visited an identified risk area recently, to remain at at home and avoid all social contacts;
  • Restricting all international travel for employees abroad and between offices;
  • Requesting business impact analyses and transparency from critical suppliers.

Contingency plan

In the extreme scenario of drastic spread and impact of the virus on our employees’ personal situations, our workforce might be impacted in its capacity and responsiveness. Our operations and support teams would be most at risk for the continuation of primary services, however we consider the event of disruption in service delivery to be unlikely given the highly automated nature of our platform architecture, as well having the possibility of teams with adjacent technical capabilities to be on stand-by, and situated across Europe.


For further questions, please contact Rens van Dongen (CISO, rens.van.dongen@iwelcome.com).

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Latest update: June 3rd, 2020