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Accelerate your digital business with frictionless, secure and privacy protected identity management for consumers, business customers and employees.

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Many organisations across various industries rely on iWelcome for serving their users with secure authentication and identity lifecycle management.

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Founded in 2011, Welcome is Europe's 'green' leader in IAM solutions, with an innovative approach to Consent Lifecycle Management and top-class private cloud technology.


We love to share knowledge and news on digital identities and iWelcome’s products. There is food for thought for everybody, from geeks to rookies. We appreciate your feedback!


Passion Led Us Here

iWelcome named 'Innovation Leader' for Identity API Platforms by KuppingerCole

iWelcome was named a Leader in the Innovation category, enduring the ‘Innovation Leader’ status in the newest Leadership Compass for Identity API Platforms

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iWelcome acquires UNLOQ to enhance IDaaS Platform with MFA technology

iWelcome, the leading European IDaaS vendor, today announced it has acquired Multi-Factor Authentication software and technologies from UNLOQ.

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KuppingerCole: iWelcome for 3rd time Global CIAM Technology Leader

iWelcome announces that for the 3rd year in a row, it has been recognised Product, Innovation and Technology Leader in  CIAM category by KuppingerCole 

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a.s.r. selects iWelcome as their CIAM vendor

Large Dutch insurer a.s.r. signed a contract with iWelcome, serving its 1.5 million consumers and business partners with state of the art identity & access management services.

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iWelcome present at Codecamp Cluj-Napoca

On the 24th of November, iWelcome participated in the Codecamp conference in Cluj-Napoca.

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KPMG delivers value added services on iWelcome for the Nordics and across Europe

KPMG Oy signed a partnership agreement with iWelcome.

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iWelcome nominee for the Computable Awards 2018

We are very excited to announce that iWelcome is one of the ten nominees, among SaaS-suppliers such as Microsoft, Nmbrs and Salesforce.

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French Office

iWelcome announces the opening of French office to support European expansion

iWelcome, the leading European IDaaS vendor, announces the opening of their French office in Paris

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First iWelcome Hackathon was a big success!

iWelcome’s has successfully hosted its very first Hackathon at our brand new office in Cluj-Napoca.

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GDPR readiness in Europe, just before May 25th: 66.3% of European companies still uncompliant

Just a few weeks before GDPR D-day, we did a fourth measurement. Still, 66.3% of organisations are not GDPR ready

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GDPR research update: 73% of European organisations are not compliant

iWelcome's bi-monthly research shows that, with one month to go, organisations still have a lot to do. 73% is non-compliant in most areas.

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GDPR Research update: 76% of European organisations are not compliant

GDPR research update: 76% of European organisations are still not GDPR compliant.

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The effect of GDPR on customer engagement event by PostNL

PostNL is hosting an event around GDPR and customer engagement for their business customers.

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80% of European companies are not at all compliant with upcoming EU Privacy regulation

Based on iWelcome research we conclude that only 20% of European organisations are GDPR ready.

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digi.me & iWelcome launch Kantara Initiative Consent Management Solutions Work Group

iWelcome and digi.me announced today the launching of the Kantara Initiative Consent Management Solutions Work Group (CMS WG).

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iWelcome lands Series C round with international investors

iWelcome lands Series C round with international investors to fuel growth of its Industry Leading Consumer Identity Platform across Europe

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iWelcome and Identity Methods join forces to meet the growing demand for IDaaS in the UK market

iWelcome, has announced today a strategic partnership with Identity Methods.

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iWelcome provides unparalleled consent management features - KuppingerCole

John Tolbert  says iWelcome provides unparalleled consent management features in his latest Executive View. 

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iWelcome joins EEMA Think Tank to share Digital Identity knowledge and expertise across Europe

EEMA announced iWelcome as its latest corporate member.

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iWelcome participates in company run Cluj-Napoca

On Sunday the 24th of September part of the iWelcome-team in Cluj joined the 'Crosul Companiilor' (company run) B2Run in Cluj-Napoca.

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iWelcome achieves top score in Softshell Vendor Report

Softshell AG recently released its 2017 Vendor Report. In this report, iWelcome has achieved a top score of 9.41 out of 10.

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iWelcome named a Leader in KuppingerCole’s latest compass

KuppingerCole recognised iWelcome as a Leader in its latest Leadership Compass IDaaS ‘Identity as a Service: Single Sign-On to the Cloud’ (IDaaS SSO).

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Declaration of Intent to develop eID

Today, June 28th, seven Dutch executive government agencies signed a Declaration of Intent that describes the development of the eID (eHerkenning) facilities in the Netherlands.

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KuppingerCole reconfirms iWelcome ‘Product and Innovation leadership’ 

KuppingerCole ranked iWelcome the #1 Innovation leader and #2 Product leader for Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platforms

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iWelcome at 'Security by Design' meetup

On Tuesday the 30th of May iWelcome was speaking at the Security by Design meetup in L’Atelier Café in Cluj-Napoca, where the main development centre for iWelcome is located. 

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The impact and visualisation of GDPR for Consumer IAM - EEMA Conference

Corné van Rooij, iWelcome's VP Product, will clarify and visualise how this new regulation impacts Consumer IAM.

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Werner Dijkerman on "The use of Molecule for testing Ansible Roles"

At the Ansible Benelux meetup, iWelcome DevOps Engineer Werner Dijkerman gave a presentation on the use of Molecule for testing Ansible Roles.

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eIDAS changes online business in Europe

 iWelcome and Connectis are partnering up to provide the eIDAS integration that prepares your organisation for the future.

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Expert talk: Corné van Rooij on EiC 2017

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Capgemini and iWelcome provide IDaaS via G-Cloud together

iWelcome and Capgemini UK have joined forces to provide a quality Identity and Access Management solution from the cloud (IDaaS) on G-cloud.

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iWelcome opens new Software Engineering Centre in Cluj to further propel its status as ‘Innovation Leader’

iWelcome has recently established a new innovative software engineering centre in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).

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iWelcome Innovation and Product Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for CIAM platforms

The Analysts of KuppingerCole acknowledge iWelcome’s position as the Innovation Leader and Product Leader in the rapidly growing market of Consumer IAM (CIAM).

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Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for IDaaS, worldwide: iWelcome among the only two vendors rated ‘Excellent’

Gartner ranks iWelcome’s Consumer IAM (CIAM) offering among the best in the world with an ‘excellent’ rating for its capabilities.

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User-Managed Access technology for consented data sharing presented at MyData 2016

Dr. Maciej Machulak presents technological solutions that empower individuals with privacy and security controls for their online transactions.

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iWelcome hires User-Managed Access Specialist Dr Maciej Machulak

iWelcome has recently hired Dr. Maciej Machulak as the Senior Identity Architect to help the company enter the emerging market of consented data sharing.

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IDaaS protects National Infrastructure with Capgemini

Southern Water, has decided to implement IAM as one of the cornerstones for protecting its IT-Services and enabling access for employees, business partners and eventually consumers.

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iWelcome only European IDaaS in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2016

iWelcome is proud that for the 3rd year in a row, we are the only European IDaaS in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Worldwide.

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Koninklijke Bibliotheek selects iWelcome as an authentication service for the digital library

KB selected iWelcome’s Identity as-a-service (IDaaS) platform as the basis for this generic authentication service.

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iWelcome secures Series B investment 

iWelcome, the only European Headquartered (IDaaS) vendor, today announced it has closed a Series B funding round

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Cloud IAM as business enabler (Article PvIB)

"IDaaS as business enabler, that is a precondition for every organisation building a digital relationship with their customers"

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IDaaS for Serious Request 2015

Money is raised for the International Red Cross in the week before Christmas. iWelcome has provided the Identity Management Platform.

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The new version of the authenticator app released

iWelcome released a new version of the authenticator app. The authenticator app provides an additional verification factor to login to your organisation’s IT systems.

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ThiemeMeulenhoff presents e-learning as-a-service at Identity Management Europe

ThiemeMeulenhoff’s Manager for IDaaS presented the publishing firm’s business case for its iWelcome implementation.

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iWelcome is an innovation leader in KuppingerCole's IDaaS Leadership Compass

The European analysts of KuppingerCole recently published their Leadership compass for ‘Cloud User and Access Management’.

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iWelcome is the Only European vendor in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for IDaaS

iWelcome was delighted to be named as the only established ‘European’ IDaaS vendor in Gartner’s inaugural Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS).

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USG selects iWelcome Identity and Access Management as-a-service

In the next 18 months USG People will deploy iWelcome’s IDaaS on a per country and per brand basis.

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PostNL presents IAM as-a-service case study at EIC 2015

PostNL, Benelux’s leading mail, parcel and e-commerce corporation, presented its ‘IAM as-a-service’ case study at the European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC) in Munich. 

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iWelcome implementation at PostNL wins European IAM award

On the 6th of May 2015, KuppingerCole presented the 2015 European Identity & Cloud Awards at the 9th European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC).

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IC Consult is iWelcome partner for the DACH region

A warm welcome to our new iWelcome partner for the DACH region iC Consult, the largest Identity Management system integrator in the German-speaking part of Europe (DACH-Region).

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SURFmarket is live with iWelcome

SURFmarket is the prime ICT marketplace for the Dutch higher education and research institutes. Now SURFmarket is live with iWelcome

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TenderNed is live on iWelcome

TenderNed is live on iWelcome. From April 2013 on, as a result of the law for public procurements 2012 (aanbestedingswet 2012), the use of the website is required to publish tenders for public services and institutions.

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NXP and iWelcome win the European Identity & Cloud award for best cloud security project

NXP and iWelcome were delighted to jointly win KuppingerCole’s award for the Best Cloud Security Project at its 2014 European Identity Conference.

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IS4U, the new iWelcome partner for Belgium

iWelcome strongly relies on partners to guide customers towards a full and effective use of iWelcome’s IDaaS. Therefore we are very happy to announce IS4U as our iWelcome partner for Belgium. 

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Minister Kamp explains how eHerkenning works (video in Dutch)

An explanation of eHerkenning by Minster Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs, how eHerkenning (eRecognition) helps companies to improve communication with government bodies.

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EZDA distributes iWelcome IAM as-a-service

EZDA will distribute iWelcome IAM as-a-service to the healthcare and cure providers in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam.

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iWelcome joins JanusID initiative for EID

Consumers want easy, safe and privacy-proof access to websites. Businesses want to provide this service, and also be able to recognise their visitors and minimise data protection risks.

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iWelcome releases guest accounts as a new feature

iWelcome announces a new module to the iWelcome Identity-as-a-Service platform: Guest Accounts.

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iWelcome secures funds for IDaaS management

iWelcome, the European Identity as a Service provider (IDaaS), announces the closing of a Series A investment round with new Investors, Newion Investments and Filsa Capital joining founder Cloud Ventures.

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iWelcome in Cloudworks Magazine

The magazine Cloudworks describes iWelcome in their edition of December. The article describes the details and motivations of organisations to choose for Identity and Access Management as-a-service, and how iWelcome fulfils their promise with their cloud platform.

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IPO start met eHerkenning pilot (Dutch)

Het programma Front-Office (gefaciliteerd door het InterProvinciaal Overleg (IPO), dat in opdracht van de gezamenlijke provincies start met eHerkenning, heeft er recent voor gekozen deze pilot uit te voeren in samenwerking met iWelcome.

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