Customer-friendly on-demand digital content

Over the past couple of years, digitisation has majorly struck the Media & Publishing landscape. Customers have been tapping into digital content services using all kinds of channels and devices. And with the rapid rise of smart technologies and innovative competition, companies need to continuously upgrade their IT landscape to keep offering the most relevant on-demand content to their customers.

One of the crucial components to making this happen is Consumer Identity & Access Management. With deep roots in Media & Publishing, iWelcome offers companies some unique benefits.

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Boost subscriptions with frictionless registration

Getting new customers in easily and without any friction is an important starting point for building long-term relationships. The flexible registration and social login features of iWelcome help you onboard new customers in a nutshell, allowing for more and quick revenue generation. 

Handle high performance peaks with ease

One of the challenges in on demand audiovisual media is that consumers want to enjoy their favourite videos and shows the minute they're available. This results in major peak times with multi-million consumers logging in more or less simultaneously. We understand that scalability is essential to guarantee an unshaken performance during these peak hours. With multiple reference cases and being widely recognised product and innovation leader in Consumer IAM, your media business is in the right hands with iWelcome.

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Provide personalised content suggestions

The on-demand content model allows customers to consume content whenever and wherever. To serve their needs and build trusted relationships, media & publishing companies need to build rich customer data models allowing them to offer personalised content suggestions based on personal data. 

Provide full transparency on consumer data

Today’s consumers demand control over the identity data they share with you. Backed up with requirements from EU data protection and privacy, this poses some serious challenges to organisations. With iWelcome’s Consumer IAM solutions, companies can easily store all consumer identity data at one place while allowing consumers easy access to view, edit, download and delete this data. Fully compliant to GDPR, of course!

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