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The highest standards in data protection

The EU data protection and privacy regulation GDPR lays strict requirements to organisations offering services to EU citizens. As iWelcome’s Consumer IAM platform is built fully GDPR-by-design, this allows Energy & Mobility companies to tick the box on key GDPR requirements, offering consumers the possibility to view, edit, download or delete their data and give and withdraw consent at all times.

Provide full transparency on consumer data

Today’s consumers demand control over their personal data. Backed up with legislation such as GDPR, this poses some serious challenges to organisations with (data)marketing in their DNA. iWelcome’s Consumer IAM solution enables companies to store all consumer identity data in one place, including consents and preferences, while allowing consumers easy access to view, edit, download and delete this data.

Personalised content experience

The on-demand content model allows customers to consume content whenever and wherever, across devices. To serve their needs and build trusted relationships, media & publishing companies need to build rich customer data models combining behaviour and preferences. The right IAM solution enables this 360° overview, not only for individuals, but also for family accounts with different consumers using one profile.

Handle high performance peaks with ease

One of the challenges in media is that consumers want to enjoy their favourite video or show the minute it’s available, resulting in major peak times with millions of consumers logging in more or less simultaneously. Scalability is essential to guarantee an unshaken performance during these peak hours, not only for broadcasters and on demand video suppliers, but also for e.g. educational publishers at the start of school season.

CIAM Buyer Toolset
for Media & Publishing


Case Studies



ThiemeMeulenhoff is in the transition process from being an educational publisher to becoming a designer of learning processes. The former publisher of traditional paper textbooks is increasingly developing more personalised and effective education methods.



NPO is the largest public broadcaster in the Netherlands. To remain competitive in the world of (on-demand) video, NPO has set up an on-demand platform, with state-of-the-art registration and login features and smart recommendations based on preference management.


Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), the National Library of the Netherlands, brings people and information together. To that end, KB makes the Dutch library collection visible, sustainable and usable and it plays a central role in the area of academic and scholarly information provisioning.