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iWelcome Mobile Identity

iWelcome Mobile Identity

Smart and secure mobile authentication in an instant, powered by an advanced app and a mobile SDK

Mobile SDK to add in-app security

In this mobile-first era, you want to launch new apps quick and easy without worrying about security. The iWelcome Mobile SDK enables you to add secure and intelligent customer onboarding and authentication natively into your mobile apps. QR-codes, deep linking and push/swipe logins can easily be integrated.

Thanks to a simple API architecture, you will be able to connect advanced authentication to any app that is being launched or updated. Besides that, the SDK also allows to orchestrate customer journeys by changing registration, activation and progressive profiling flows.

Mobile SDK to add in-app security
(Passwordless) Authentication

(Passwordless) Authentication

iWelcome offers an advanced and secure authentication system to connect employees, partners, and customers to systems, applications and devices in a highly secure and easy way. Multi-Factor, Biometric, Step-Up and Passwordless Authentication through QR-codes and magic-links are performed at the touch of a button.

Higher security, user convenience and cutting-edge technology go hand-in-hand to generate a valuable addition to iWelcome's IDaaS platform.

iWelcome Authenticator App

Our mobile app has been designed to deliver the best user experience without compromising on security. You can use it as a simple authentication tool for consumer interaction, but we also recommend the app for step-up authentication to increase security in specific scenarios, for instance upon identity attribute changes or sensitive application actions.

iWelcome Authenticator App
Secure in-app messaging and e-signing

Secure in-app messaging and e-signing

Online interactions are never a one-way street. That’s why, besides authentication, the iWelcome Mobile SDK also helps to engage with users by delivering secure in-app communication and document & transaction signing.

The app is compliant with the requirements for advanced electronic signatures (eIDAS) and Strong Customer Authentication (PSD2).

iWelcome's Mobile Identity Key Features

Read more in our Solution Profile

Read more in our Solution Profile


What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Keeping up with change and new technological developments is one of the basic challenges of cyber-security. A stronger Authentication/Identification mechanism is among the most preferred methods of increasing the security of new technologies. When it comes to adopting data security technologies, about half of security professionals support technologies such as Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication and Hardware Security Modules.

Using more than one factor in the authentication process has made it possible for companies to secure critical information and increase their chances of meeting security goals. It uses a combination of independent credentials that increase its effectiveness.

The 3 main factors used in Multi-Factor Authentication are:

  1. Something the user knows;
  2. Something the user has;
  3. Something the user is.

These three factors work together for creating the perfect mix for optimum security against cyber-attacks, and they shouldn't be ignored.

Multi-Factor Authentication is one of the data security developments that have been quietly waiting for their turn in the spotlight but is now becoming the new norm for companies that want to protect their digital assets. The MFA market is increasing, and is expected to spread across all industries, due to security concerns as well as its role in legislation compliance needs.

Passwordless authentication takes Multi-Factor Authentication one step further, by eliminating the risk posed by weak or reused passwords, while increasing user convenience. As the value of data is increasing, it is essential that companies which process sensitive data implement more sophisticated authentication methods.

Forget about passwords!

iWelcome provides Multi-Factor Authentication through mobile authentication, using an authentication and authorisation system that is easily integrable with your existing apps and that increases the security of your digital properties without requiring users to remember any passwords. 

1. Higher security
The authentication system that iWelcome provides increases the security of digital properties and is a radical increase in security and ease of use compared to the classic “username & password” system.

2. User convenience
Authentication is performed at the touch of a button, without requiring users to remember any passwords, hence eliminating the risk of lost or stolen credentials. 

3 . Cutting-edge technology
We use best in class security protocols to ensure complete user privacy, and bring compliance to personal data security regulations closer.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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