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Supercharge your customer & partner onboarding with our Consumer IAM for Insurance

Easy customer onboarding

Online registration and onboarding should be as simple and self-explaining as possible. Instead of endless registration forms, customers can register with a minimum amount of data. During the online relationship, customers can be asked to share chunks of data when it's relevant, at different stages of their digital journey, along with their consents (Just-in-Time consent).
Filling claims should be simple across channels, including time-saving apps. To facilitate, insurers must offer social registration options and one frictionless login experience providing access to all services across devices.

Easy customer onboarding
Manage multiple brands & countries

Manage multiple brands & countries

Digital transformation results in fading country borders with consumers expecting the same experience no matter where they are.

With multiple products and brands across countries, insurers need to adopt a multi-brand, multi-country Identity & Access Management (IAM) strategy. iWelcome has flexible options for different look & feel and customer journeys per brand, all managed in one central datastore.

Delegated User Management
for agents and brokers

Agents and brokers require easy and secure access for multiple users. To off-load the administrative work and to empower these business partners, a smooth delegated user management is a key capability for insurers.

iWelcome offers multi-level delegation, different options for onboarding (registration or invitation) all in a simple easy-to-work-with dashboard.

Delegated User Management for agents and brokers
Privacy, Security and Identity Proofing

Privacy, Security and Identity Proofing

Born in Europe, iWelcome is the #1 choice when it comes to GDPR features for CIAM. For additional security, iWelcome enables a user-friendly step-up authentication for situations where private information is shared.

For Identity verification & proofing iWelcome works with multiple identity schemes such as iDIN (The Netherlands), WebID (UK) and Verimi (Germany).

Case Studies

Malakoff Humanis

Malakoff Humanis

As a major player in French supplemental social welfare, Malakoff Humanis offers individual and collective insurance services. The insurer serves branches, companies, employees, and retirees to protect their health capital and optimise their social protection. Malakoff Humanis went through a large merger in 2019 and is constantly working on improving their services across multiple brands.

10 Million insured persons, 13.1 Million pension contributors and receivers, 560.000 corporate customers.



OHRA is one of the largest and most innovative insurers in the Netherlands, serving more than 600,000 consumers with a variety of insurance services. OHRA is known as the insurance company that skips ‘Purple Crocodiles’, unnecessary hassle that policyholders could run into. In order to improve the registration and login process, OHRA decided to look for a Consumer IAM solution.

800.000 insured consumers, 10's of thousands insured companies.



a.s.r. is one of the Top 3 insurance companies in the Netherlands, offering a wide range of financial products including different insurance services, pensions and mortgages. Its customers are both consumers and companies. a.s.r. breaths an open and social responsibility culture in its operations and communications.


2 million customers, 6 brands



Admiral has earned reputation as the best car insurer for 6 consecutive years in the UK, however is also known for home, holiday and travel insurance. Besides insurance products directly delivered through its own brands, it has various comparison sites and provides insurance backbone to 3rd party brands.


17 brands, 5.6 Million car insurances, 1 Million other insured, 5 European Countries, the USA, Mexico, India and Canada.

“The implementation of eHerkenning was no rocket science and the usage has been surprisingly high after launch.”
Kees Tuijnman

Kees Tuijnman
Director of IT at a.s.r.


CIAM Toolset for Insurance

To win the Insurance battle, it is more vital than ever before to know your customers and offer tailor-made customer journeys. To facilitate this, you need the best CIAM solutions available. But where to start?

Our comprehensive toolset “CIAM for Insurers” supports you through all phases of the decision process, allowing you to:

  • Learn how to win the InsurTech battle with CIAM.
  • Read case studies on how iWelcome contributed to digital business success in Insurance.
  • Hear what leading analysts have to say about iWelcome.
  • Ask the Perfect RfP Questions to CIAM vendors.

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