Win the InsurTech Battle with best-in-class Consumer IAM

The insurance industry is changing rapidly with new InsurTech players challenging the status quo of incumbent players with innovative new solutions, significantly improving customer experiences and speeding up customer-facing processes. To win this battle, it is more vital than ever before to know your customers and offer tailor-made customer journeys. You will be rewarded with loyal and happy customers!

As such, iWelcome’s best-in-class Consumer IAM solutions have a lot to offer for the insurance industry. With many large European insurers among its clients, iWelcome’s Consumer IAM solution is the logical choice to help insurers leverage several key benefits:

Easily accessible self-service apps for automated claim handling

Registration and login options must be as simple and self-explaining as possible. No more boring registration forms with endless fields to fill. Instead, customers prefer to leave chunks of data at different stages of their digital journey. Moreover, consumers want to handle their claims directly via their user apps. To facilitate, insurers must offer social registration options, one fancy login app providing access to all services and via all devices, and step-up authentication features.

Better customer understanding by linking Connected Devices to Consumer Identities

The key to any long-term business success is loyal customers. To achieve this, insurers need to actively engage with their customers, truly get to know who they are and offer them the full freedom and flexibility to control and alter their own personal data whenever requested. And with today’s Connected Technologies, insurers can get real-time data on customer’s loss exposure and respond with timely interventions at any sign of danger in advance so that certain damages can be prevented or minimised.

One approach for all countries of operation

One corporate approach in all countries of operationDigital transformation results in fading country borders with consumers expecting the same experience independent of where they are. Often operating multiple brands in different countries, insurers need to adopt a multi-brand, multi-country Identity & Access Management (IAM) strategy.


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Combine GDPR with data privacy and security processes

GDPR-NewThe insurance industry is well-known for its high standards on infrastructure, data security. How to combine this with GDPR compliance? iWelcome’s platform is fully GDPR-by-design allowing insurers to tick the box on GDPR requirements as consent lifecycle management, offering consumers the possibility to view, edit, download or delete their data and handle data retention periods.


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