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GDPR Master Toolset

GDPR is all about how organisations must gather, store, protect and manage the lifecycle of personal data. The right Consumer IAM solution supports organisations in their GDPR compliancy.

With this iWelcome GDPR Master Toolset, you’ll learn how to prepare for GDPR from a Consumer IAM perspective. It includes the following documents:

  • Whitepaper: 8 GDPR topics to be addressed with Consumer IAM
  • Product leaflet: iWelcome's Consent Lifecycle Management
  • iWelcome's GDPR booklet
  • KuppingerCole Executive View on iWelcome's finegrained consent management capabilities
  • Infographic: The Consumer IAM and GDPR journey
  • Market Study: The State of GDPR Readiness in Europe Post GDPR (July 2018)
  • Market Study: The State of GDPR Readiness in US (January 2019)
  • Online benchmark test: How GDPR-proof is your organisation? 

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