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Identity Management Conference, Spring 2016 London

June 22, 2016

The IAM sector is poised for major growth and transformation as businesses of all sizes look to develop strategies that are aligned to the needs of their business but also consider people, processes and technology issues.

Join iWelcome and hundreds of senior Identity Management and security specialists at Whitehall Media’s 13th biannual IDM conference and identify new frontiers and opportunities, discuss ways to transform IAM into an actionable critical business resource and review the latest trends and technologies shaping the IAM sector to help you stay ahead of the curve.

iWelcome will present its new developments on Consumer IAM (CIAM) and show how it enables organisations to achieve a 360 degree view of their consumer identities and to provide the best online experience and how it puts consumers in the drivers seat, to control privacy and consent, well ahead of the new European GDPR.

We will also demonstrate our newly architected Micro services architecture. Corné van Rooij, iWelcome’s VP for Product Management will be available to answer all product related questions. Maarten Stultjens will explain how iWelcome has been implemented to serve more than 18 million European consumers for getting access to online service of our clients.

  • Date: 22nd of June, 2016
  • Location: London, United Kingdom