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IAM Connect - March 2019

March 18, 2019

From the 18th till the 20st of March, Berlin will be the stage of IAM Connect 2019. You’ll enjoy three days of inspiring presentations, speed demo sessions of different providers, and plenty of networking with peers and experts. The program is entirely in German, and of course iWelcome’s team will be present to update you with the latest Consumer IAM features. 

On Monday our Sales Engineer Adel Naamneh will present a speed demo: "CIAM, Consent and IoT in action – Progressive profiling and consent along the usage of a smart thermostat."

GDPR has made consent an indispensable part of the customer journey and hence of CIAM. We notice in our daily practice that organisations have questions: How can you implement consent in a customer journey? When do you ask for consent? How do you ask for consent? What does the data model look like?
In this session, iWelcome demonstrates how this can be implemented in a realistic case along the buyer journey of a smart thermostat in Mediamarkt. How does the user interact with the ‘thing’, the supplier, the energy company and his family, and how can we prove DSGVO/GDPR compliancy to the user and the authorities? 

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  • Date: March 18th, 2019
  • Location: The Marriott Hotel, Potsdammer Platz, Berlin
  • Registration: here