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Codecamp Cluj-Napoca

November 11, 2017
The largest IT conference in Romania is coming to Cluj-Napoca, home base of iWelcome’s engineering center. The 11th of November over 1.000 participants will join for an inspiring day, with over 60 different talks.


Codecamp targets and brings together people from all IT disciplines and from all possible career levels: from bright and enthusiastic students and juniors to the more experienced, wise and grey-haired senior and expert participants. The talks and workshops provided by international and local speakers represent a massive source of knowledge and inspiration for the audience.

iWelcome in Romania

iWelcome moved its engineering center to Cluj-Napoca just over a year ago, and is already one of the coolest tech companies to work for in Cluj. We are one of the sponsors of the event and are looking forward to meeting ambitious developers and testers. We use state of the art development for our microservices platform, such as Elasticsearch and React. In a presentation at 16.00 hrs we will explain more about building a SaaS application on a microservice architecture.

iWelcome presentations
10.00-10.45, Room 10, first floor
How to be hip and a Java developer, Alin Turbut, iWelcome

11.00-11.45, Room 10, first floor
Improving css mixins with javascript, Catalisan Alexandru, iWelcome

14.00-14.45, Room 5, first floor
Testing AMA, Andrei Contan, iWelcome

16.00-16.45, Room 5, first floor
Building a SaaS application on a microservice architecture, Theo Punter & Ernst Vorsteveld, iWelcome

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  • Date: The 11th of November, 2017
  • Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania