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Provide your customers with secure & seamless access across portals, apps and things

Smart Thermostats and Connected Homes

The Energy & Mobility industry is amongst the first to bring Internet-of-Things applications right into people’s living rooms. These smart devices need to be connected to the identities of their users. With many IoT-driven Consumer IAM projects successfully delivered, iWelcome is the ideal partner for Energy & Mobility companies with ambitions in Smart and Connected devices.

Smart Thermostats and Connected Homes
Better view of consumers, relationships and mandates

Better view of consumers, relationships
and mandates

iWelcome helps Energy & Mobility companies streamline the registration process, making it easy for consumers to create and register a profile. Even in complex situations with multiple users who have different rights in one account. Customer data can be easily accessed via reporting and visualisation dashboards but also seamlessly extracted into your marketing or customer care technologies.

Frictionless customer experiences across
countries & brands

Digital transformation results in fading country borders with consumers expecting the same frictionless experience independent of where they are. Often operating multiple brands in different countries, Energy & Mobility companies need to adopt a multi-brand, multi-country Identity & Access Management (IAM) strategy, allowing for social and local (governmental) eID login options.

Frictionless customer experiences across countries & brands
The highest standards in data protection-1

The highest standards in data protection

The EU data protection and privacy regulation GDPR lays strict requirements to organisations offering services to EU citizens. As iWelcome’s Consumer IAM platform is built fully GDPR-by-design, this allows Energy & Mobility companies to tick the box on key GDPR requirements, offering consumers the possibility to view, edit, download or delete their data and give and withdraw consent at all times.

Case Studies



Being one of Europe’s most innovative tech companies, Quby is on a game-changing mission: to convert the energy industry from merely supplying to offering a service that helps people deal with every-day needs and challenges. In the Netherlands known for its TOON smartmeter.


Southern Water

UK utility company Southern Water identified Identity & Access Management (IAM) as the cornerstone for protecting and offering IT-services. They contracted Capgemini and iWelcome to enable access for employees and contractors to their IT-services.



Motability is a UK charity organisation that supports more than 650,000 people with disabilities to lease a car, scooter or powered wheelchair in exchange for their mobility allowance. By partnering with iWelcome, Motability is able to offer their users a smooth digital experience.

CIAM Toolset for
Energy & Mobility

Both Energy & Mobility are hot industries with cool new stuff as Smart Thermostats and Connected Cars & Houses taking over the show. To support these new initiatives, organisations need to make sure customer data is managed effectively and over all channels. But where to start?

This comprehensive “CIAM toolset for Energy & Mobility” contains a variety of documents that help you understand the value of CIAM in (large) digitisation and internet-of-things projects:

  • Learn how German giant innogy used CIAM as basis for its multi-country, multi-branding strategy
  • Read how Quby automated its smart thermostats (IoT) installation process with CIAM
  • Learn the basics on CIAM and its key features yourself
  • Hear what leading analysts have to say about iWelcome.
    Ask the Perfect RfP Questions for a CIAM product.
Energy & Mobility

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