Enter the connected world of Energy & Mobility

Like many other traditional industries, the Energy & Mobility space is in the process of radical transformation with many so-called RenTechs (Renewable Energy Techs) taking over market share of incumbent players. This has already resulted in cool new stuff as Smart Thermostats, Smart Water solutions and Connected Houses!

To cope with these changing customer demands, organisations need to ramp up their digital offering and its underlying technologies. iWelcome’s Consumer IAM solution will push these companies into the right direction with several clear benefits (see below).

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Smart Thermostats and Connected Houses

The Energy & Mobility industry is amongst the first to bring Internet-of-Things applications right into people’s living rooms. Pretty cool, isn’t it? To offer this, Energy & Mobility companies need to connect these smart devices to their consumers’ identities. With many IoT-driven Consumer IAM projects successfully delivered, iWelcome is the ideal partner for Energy & Mobility companies with ambitions in Smart and Connected devices.

Build a better picture of your consumers

iWelcome helps Energy & Mobility companies streamline the registration process, making it easy for consumers to create and register a profile. Its Consumer IAM platform provides the flexibility to gather the data required and build a single customer view. The data can be easily accessed via various reporting and visualisation dashboards but also seamlessly extracted into your own marketing or customer care technologies. 

Frictionless customer experiences in all countries

Digital transformation results in fading country borders with consumers expecting the same frictionless experience independent of where they are. Often operating multiple brands in different countries, Energy & Mobility companies need to adopt a multi-brand, multi-country Identity & Access Management (IAM) strategy, allowing for social and local (governmental) eID login options.

The highest standards in data protection

The EU data protection and privacy regulation GDPR lays strict requirements to organisations offering services to EU citizens. As iWelcome’s Consumer IAM platform is built fully GDPR-by-design, this allows Energy & Mobility companies to tick the box on key GDPR requirements as consent lifecycle management, offering consumers the possibility to view, edit, download or delete their data and handle data retention periods.

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