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    On behalf of the Dutch government, iWelcome was closely involved in writing the RfC for support on Single Sign-On (SSO) within eHerkenning. Since version 1.7, this RFC has been an integral part of eHerkenning. Clients can easily configure SSO after which they enter the official onboarding procedure.

    iWelcome delivers lightweight adaptors for setting up eHerkenning services. If your organisation's service does not include a standard interface as defined by the eHerkenning scheme, we advise you to use this standard integration adaptor.

    Currently, these adaptors are available for ASP.NET-platform and Java environments. iWelcome makes sure these generic adaptors is continuously being updated against the latest eHerkenning specifications.

    iWelcome as broker for eHerkenning delivers validated attributes which are officially registrered at the authentication service and/or mandate register. This allows orgsnisations to approach their customers on a more personal level and prevents customers to fill out the same information twice.


    In Business to business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) users are mandated for certain activities and certain parts of their organisations. Also users may act on behalf of private persons. Mandates and delegation are part of iWelcome's eHerkenning service.