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For governmental and business portals

eHerkenning is a standardised login system providing a single digital key for doing business. More than 1.000 governmental and business services provide eHerkenning access. And over 300.000 business accounts are active. 

iWelcome is the main broker for eHerkenning services in the Netherlands. Amongst others a variety of Dutch ministries, large municipalities, the Tax Authorities, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Insurance companies use iWelcome’s trustworthy eHerkenning services.

For governmental and business portals
Government certified, since 2010

Government certified, since 2010

At the heart of eHerkenning lies the partnership between the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and several accredited suppliers that form part of a network. They work according to a mutual agreements system "on electronic access services". 

As one of the founding partners of eHerkenning, iWelcome is certified by the Dutch Government since 2010. Regularly, iWelcome's services are audited and re-certified. Being part of the core suppliers, iWelcome is at the forefront of innovations in eID and eIDAS.

Integrating eIDAS for EU citizens

eIDAS is the EU-standard for electronic identification, which is implemented via domestic eID schemes in Europe. In The Netherlands, the domestic scheme for eIDAS transactions is called eHerkenning.

Via iWelcomes eHerkenning services organisations provide a generic login to their online services, not only for Dutch organisations with eHerkenning accounts, but even for EU-citizens that comply to the eIDAS standard.

Integrating eIDAS for EU citizens
Self service and department reporting

Self service and department reporting

Large organisations providing eHerkenning-login to their portal, usually include and serve many departmental services in the backend, facing daily changes and strict OTAP processes.

iWelcome does not just deliver eHerkenning login. We deliver to the needs of  these large organisations. Reports on the usage and SLA per service for internal reporting and invoicing is just one example. Also self-service capabilities for configuring connections and certificate management is part of iWelcome's eHerkenning offering.

iWelcome's eHerkenning Key Features

iWelcome's roadmap for connecting to eHerkenning

This information is meant for organisations that want to use the Dutch government ID. Therefore it's written in Dutch.

eHerkenning, hét inlogstelsel dat ondernemers en overheid verbindt, groeit als kool. De meeste ondernemers maken inmiddels gebruik van inlogmiddelen. Grote overheidsdiensten als KVK, Belastingdienst en RVO werken samen met iWelcome, de grootste eHerkenningsmakelaar in Nederland. Wilt u uw dienst ook aansluiten op eHerkenning?

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eHerkenning voor overheidsdiensten
“De implementatie van eHerkenning was geen rocket science en het gebruik is al kort na de lancering verrassend hoog.”

Kees Tuijnman
Directeur IT bij a.s.r.

eHerkenning voor verzekeraars

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