Smart use of consumer data is key

In today’s connected world, the pace of change is accelerating like never before. And of all industries, Consumer Goods is often expected to be most fluid, responsive and predictive to the ever-changing consumer behaviors. To live up with these high expectations, Consumer Goods companies need to know their customers better than ever before, offer them the most frictionless access to best-in-class services and serve them with maximum control on their own personal data.

iWelcome’s Consumer IAM allows Consumer Goods companies in making this happen by offering several key benefits (see below).

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Better customer understanding

Business leaders chasing for 360-degree views of their customers increasingly rely on data. On the one hand to build a better customer understanding that allows for more personalised services. On the other hand, to offer their own staff easy access to extensive data analytics and reporting features: marketing & sales for cross- and upselling, customer care to better respond to service desk questions, etc.

Offer frictionless access to best-in-class services

Consumer loyalty comes with a combination of positive experiences and time. It starts with smooth registration and log-in experiences and is expanded by the feeling of respect and control. To provide consumers with the right experiences over time, companies need to offer multi-layered (instead of requesting all data at once) registration processes, supporting social login options, possibilities for step-up authentication.


Bring to market the best Internet of Things solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings changes with an impact beyond imagination as the digital economy is connecting ‘things’ to consumer identities. With these ‘things’ not just serving as touch points, but actually doing stuff. To make IoT work, organisations must make sure these devices are securely connected to the right consumer identities. With many IoT-driven Consumer IAM projects successfully delivered, iWelcome is the ideal partner for organisations in Consumer Goods with ambitions in IoT.

Offer consumers full control

Today’s consumers demand control over the identity data they share with you. Backed up with requirements from EU data protection and privacy regulation GDPR, this forces companies to open up their data models and provide consumer optimal control. To facilitate this, iWelcome allows companies to store all consumer identity data at one place while allowing consumer easy access to view, edit, download and delete this data. Fully compliant to GDPR, of course!

Sales with 360 views of your customers

Besides consumers, iWelcome also allows the company’s own staff easy access to all consumer data. With extensive data analytics and reporting features, marketing & sales is fed with the right data to sharpen their campaigns.

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