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Energy & Mobility

CIAM Toolset for
Energy & Mobility

Both Energy & Mobility are hot industries with cool new stuff as Smart Thermostats and Connected Cars & Houses taking over the show. To support these new initiatives, organisations need to make sure customer data is managed effectively and over all channels. But where to start?

This comprehensive “CIAM toolset for Energy & Mobility” contains a variety of documents that help you understand the value of CIAM in (large) digitisation and internet-of-things projects:

  • Learn how German giant innogy used CIAM as basis for its multi-country, multi-branding strategy
  • Read how Quby automated its smart thermostats (IoT) installation process with CIAM
  • Learn the basics on CIAM and its key features yourself
  • Hear what leading analysts have to say about iWelcome.
    Ask the Perfect RfP Questions for a CIAM product.

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