Digital success requires a deep understanding of your consumers. To gain this understanding, managing consumer identities has become pivotal. With the right Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) solution in place, organisations can build strong and trusted relationships with consumers while complying to strict privacy regulations as GDPR. But where to start?

Our comprehensive Consumer IAM Buyer Toolset supports you through all phases of the decision process, allowing you to:

  • Learn all about Consumer IAM and its most important features.
  • Get to know the Top European Consumer IAM events in 2018.
  • See what leading analysts have to say about iWelcome.
  • Find out how you can implement iWelcome’s Consumer IAM solution in weeks.
  • Ask the Perfect RfP Questions for a Consumer IAM product.
  • Read case studies on how iWelcome contributed to digital business success.
  • Get to know why iWelcome is the company to engage with.


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