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Customer acquisition and on-boarding

Bringing offline customers online and converting website visitors to customers requires a frictionless process.

This vital step in the digital experience of a customer is supported by iWelcome's state-of-the-art capabilities like social registration, account matching, identity verification and progressive profiling. All of this is offered via out-of-the-box templates or can be build and customised by your developers using our API's.

Customer acquisition and on-boarding
Identity, Privacy & Consent

Identity, Privacy & Consent

iWelcome with its European roots, knows how to deal with privacy obsessed customers and provides the functionality required for trusted customer relationships and compliancy reporting.

Fine grained attribute consent, clear processing purposes, document consent and the right of access are all at the finger tips of customers, ready for reporting for the Privacy Officer, and can be integrated in your landscape with the Consent API.

Mandating families, friends and things

Customers don't live alone. They are widely connected, live in families, take care of eachother, are using and sharing things (IoT) and online services.

The iWelcome identity platform provides functionality to delegate, reflect and manage the relationships and mandates between identities and things. Identity information can be fed into your data lake as a basis for targeted marketing.

Mandating families, friends and things
Easy social, high secure access and KYC

Easy social, high secure access and KYC

During the customer journey, identities are validated progressively and access to your online services is provided as frictionless as possible.

iWelcome provides advanced authentication methods (passwordless, magic link, 2FA) and integrates with trusted sources to verify an identity (bank-/government-id). The Level of Assurance is stored in the identity profile and used for Know Your Customer (KYC).

iWelcome's Consumer IAM Key Features




Consumer IAM & GDPR compliance

An important feature of a modern Consumer Identity & Access Management solution is a strong focus on data security, fuelled by regulations such as GDPR.

With iWelcomes CIAM platform, organisations can build trusted relationships with their customers while complying to privacy regulations. Consumers can view, edit and delete their personal data, give and withdraw consent and easily download an extract of their data.

To provide you with an overview of how an Identity Platform can support your organisation, we have identified eight important GDPR topics that organisations should address with CIAM to be GDPR compliant.

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