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January 17, 2019 Newsby iWelcome

Consumer Privacy in the US: 84% of organisations not GDPR-compliant

After the great success of our European GDPR research, we were curious to see if other parts of the world are becoming more privacy-savvy as well. Organisations across the world doing business with European citizens are bound to comply with the legislation, which automatically means GDPR is not solely a European affair. 

On top of that, similar legislations are being designed, for example the California Consumer Privacy Act. With this regulation being signed into law last June, we decided to take American companies to the test. How do they act when it comes to Consumer Privacy? 

iWelcome performed an assessment on Consumer Privacy awareness testing 50 US organisations, across different verticals. In this webinar we'll present the results. A little glimpse into the outcome: A staggering 84% are nowhere near being compliant! Download a copy of our research report here.

We launched the results in one of our iWelcome Webinars. Watch the recording of this webinar below at your own leisure.