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October 18, 2018 Newsby Esther Hoeksema

Webinar "Connect consumer identities to IoT devices" (recording)

Market research shows that the number of IoT devices will rise to 50 billion by 2020. Besides an enormous array of business opportunities, this explosion of IoT devices results in a much wider attack surface.

Connecting IoT devices directly to consumer identies, leads to significant  improvements in security, smooth customer experiences and onboarding processes. It provides control to users and save man-hours for organisations.

In an interactive Q&A setting, sr. marketing executive Esther Hoeksema and solution architect Mesut Kumas will highlight the business benefits, the challenges to be overcome during implementation and technicalities of connecting consumer identities to IoT devices. All based on real-time experiences with clients in the IoT domain.

Hope you enjoy below's recording!