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February 26, 2019 Newsby iWelcome

Unlock your ForgeRock with iWelcome Consent Management - Webinar recording

If you are running the ForgeRock platform and you are struggling adding flexible, GDPR-ready Consent Management capabilities, then iWelcome could greatly help you.

iWelcome is the European #1 Consumer IAM Cloud vendor, ranked by leading analysts such as KuppingerCole and Gartner as ‘superior in Consent Management’. iWelcome's IDaaS can integrate with different (on-premise and cloud) solutions and offers added value to any existing infrastructure.

In this webinar VP Sales Andrea Rossi explains the differences between ForgeRock's on-premise solution and iWelcome's flexible cloud platform, why they should co-exist and how they can co-exist. He will talk about iWelcome CIAM capabilities, why should iWelcome and ForgeRock co - exist together and how can iWelcome and ForgeRock co-exist together.

Hope you enjoy below's recording!