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March 22, 2019 Newsby iWelcome

The Road to the C.... is always fueled by B2B - Webinar recording

Many think that C in CIAM stands just for Customer (Consumer) Identity Management. This is not exactly true. Modern CIAM platforms such as iWelcome embrace and support complex B2B use cases for managing ‘consumerised’ intermediaries such as agents, dealers and after-sales support personnel.

In this webinar VP Sales Andrea Rossi touches upon 3 important questions on the Road to the C:

1. Different types of Consumers (Customers) and what is iWelcome's role in the road to the C*?
2. What are B2B core needs in the CIAM space?
3. How to smartly fulfil the B2B core needs and how this can be done with iWelcome's CIAM?

Be sure to learn about identities and how one identity can have multiple silos, what different B2B identities have in-common when it comes to CIAM and how iWelcome's CIAM solution can help to solve the problem. 

Hope you enjoy below's recording!