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July 23, 2018 Newsby iWelcome

Major changes in GDPR compliancy - GDPR Research Update

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: GDPR has come into full force in Europe. Many organisations in Europe struggled to get ready; some were already well-prepared while others encountered major issues. During the last eight months iWelcome has monitored European organisations on their GDPR readiness through the eyes of the consumer. The findings were published every two months.

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After the first measurement in November our conclusion was that 89% of European organisations was not ready for GDPR. During the months to follow we saw minor changes in the measurement rounds. There was some improvement, but only in small elements. No significant changes were made, and it was most certainly not enough to be compliant. Even in April and May 2018, with the date approaching, we still noticed a lot of non-compliant issues in our research and overall only small improvements were measured.

The results of the fifth research are very interesting. There has been a clear shift. Where in the months before GDPR only small changes were measured, we now observed major changes. Data retention policies where introduced, companies introduced completely new privacy policies, etc.

  • 33.7% is uncompliant in most areas or is only fulfilling some GDPR-requirements (compared to 66.3% in early May);
  • 66.3% of the sample is fulfilling many GDPR-requirements or almost or fully compliant (compared to 33.7% in early May);
  • The United Kingdom is the winner with an average score of 8.24, followed by Germany with a score of 8.16 and Sweden with 7.80 (out of 10);
  • The winning vertical is Retail/E-tail & Consumer Products with a score of
    8.0 (out of 10);
  • None of the organisations in our sample scores ‘uncompliant across the board’ anymore.

Webinar recording - The State of GDPR compliance in Europe; our field research explained