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February 5, 2019 Identity Management Blogby Maarten Stultjens

The Basics of Consent Management (video)

In this episode of iWelcome Stories, VP Alliances & Corporate Development Maarten Stultjens shares valuable insights in the state of play of consent management (both from a GDPR and business perspective) by Maarten Stultjens.

Fuelled by a combination of regulation (i.e. GDPR) and consumer demand, the way organisations manage consent has become critical. In this video, VP Alliances & Corporate Development Maarten Stultjens shares some useful tips & tricks of how to implement it within your organisation and answers the following questions:

1.    What is Consent Management?
2.    What is the adoption degree in Europe?
3.    How to implement Consent Management and grow your business? 




Maarten Stultjens

VP Alliances and Corporate Development at iWelcome Maarten brings more than twenty years of experience in Identity & Access Management. Before joining iWelcome, Maarten was co-founder and owner of BHOLD, the world’s leading role-based access control software (acquired by Microsoft in 2011).

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