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IAM for the world of connected professional coffee machines

WMF is a globally operating coffee machine manufacturer, known for its innovative character within the coffee business. The company is now leading the coffee machine revolution by connecting machines and enabling them to communicate – a powerful proposition that helps WMF’s customers to better manage costs and drive efficiency and profitability. WMF has chosen iWelcome as its development partner for the Identity and Access Management (IAM) functionality of its innovative CoffeeConnect platform.

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The promise of connectivity

In WMF’s world of IoT-connected professional coffee machines, facility managers can keep their machines running smoothly. WMF CoffeeConnect helps them keep track of any error and task – and act upon it instantly, before office workers notice. Managers in restaurants, bars and fast food chains can generate revenue for their companies as WMF’s connectivity and digital tools offers them a clear overview of machine data, the revenue of different branches, drink quality checks, performance drop and growing queues at peak times and service and maintenance schedules. Engineers are also connected, sometimes with up to 40,000 devices connected to a single service engineer.

WMF’s CoffeeConnect digitalisation and networking offering is ready to dominate the professional coffee machine segment. It allows for an innovative, easy and powerful way to manage the performance of  machines, with increased uptime. Managing coffee machines is easy, thanks to the overview of usage and sales figures, service information, error messages - all on a live dashboard. And as a result of all that, WMF offers better understanding of consumer preferences, which is a powerful driver of any business.

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Looking for state-of-the-art security & IAM

To connect clients to the coffee machines they manage in their organisations, WMF was looking for a future-proof standard SaaS-based service that would fit its cloud strategy: a SaaS solution with as little customisation as possible that could cooperate seamlessly with the existing IT-infrastructure.

The foundation of WMF CoffeeConnect and of central management of coffee machines as a service provider is an integrated database for all product and process data. WMF clearly understood the importance of data security and chose to apply state-of-the-art standards for infrastructure, data security as well as identity and access management (IAM).

WMF was looking for a top-notch industry-standard IAM solution that supports IoT requirements. This system was to provide a state-of-the-art security infrastructure, with End-to-End data protection and advanced rights management. WMF’s focus on data privacy and control led to the compilation of a long wish list that included the need to support standard protocols, be fully API-ready (Registration API, Workload API and Password- Reset API) and offering Single Sign-On.

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Finding iWelcome

WMF found that iWelcome’s IAM solution was fitting the bill in many ways. iWelcome ticked the boxes on the long list of API-requirements. It is one of the frontrunners in offering IAM that supports IoT environments, answering a clear and growing demand in the market.

Among the contenders, iWelcome was one of the few that offered data storage outside the US, which is a clear issue among enterprises in Europe that are wary of privacy/security problems. But perhaps one of the decisive strengths was iWelcome’s enthusiasm and readiness to be a development partner in the relatively new realm of ‘connected coffee machines’. Although iWelcome is known for its proactive and speedy implementation procedures, it did not shy away for the more complex task that was at hand here.

With all boxes checked, iWelcome turned out to be the best European supplier to meet WMF’s requirements. A local player with an impressive track record in designing and implementing IAM solutions that operate seamlessly and compliant with European regulations and standards.

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The implementation: A matter of months

After the selection of iWelcome as the IAM partner, the project was being kicked-off. The deployment & Connectivity was finished three months later. It took another month to run integration tests, followed by a successful GoLive.

Compared to many other projects, this project road required some bridges to be crossed before the goal was reached. Although iWelcome’s IAM solution is fully API-ready, the team entered uncharted areas in which expertise and creativity was required to invent robust and safe solutions. Operating as true partners, WMF and iWelcome set out and implemented a clear IT architecture that successfully crossed the finish line in February 2018.

Looking forward: a business enabler
WMF has secured a powerful solution to revolutionise the world of professional coffee machines, while being compliant to the latest rules and regulations, such as GDPR.

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