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iWelcome’s role in building
RGF Staffing's online platform

iWelcome delivers easy and secure access to a multi-branded platform for RGF Staffing, a specialised provider of employment services in Europe. The platform is a major step in the on-going process at RGF Staffing to digitalise its relationship with candidates, temps, secondees, interim professionals as well as clients who can interact with RGF Staffing via an online portal for collaboration and engagement.

RGF Staffing is a well-known HR specialist, active in areas such as staffing, secondment and HR services. The company is part of the Recruit Holding and has presence in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, with different brands and labels including Unique, Secretary Plus, USG Professionals, Start People and Leap.

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One portal for collaboration and engagement

The RGF Staffing organisation has built a platform that enables collaboration and engagement with clients as well as flex workers, secondees and candidates. “Our business is becoming increasingly digital,” says Wendy Zwaaf-Hoogland, General Manager Online Services. “On the platform clients can take care of their hiring activities, including contracts, agreements, workflows, application procedures, information on candidates, flex workers and secondees, procedures and reports.”

The people that work for (and via) RGF Staffing, candidates and applicants can find useful information on RGF Staffing’s labels - such as Start People and Unique - and procedures. On the candidate platform, they may submit their applications and follow the proceedings online, 24/7. Flex workers and secondees also find information about their contracts, hours and salaries.

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Important Cloud requirements

When looking for a partner that can effectively shape easy and secure access to the platform, RGF Staffing established a number USG Peof important requirements. “We were looking for a standard IAM product from the Cloud - SaaS. An existing product that meets all modern standards, preferably operating within the EU”, Business Analyst Ozum Talsma explains.

Multi branding in a private cloud
The diversity of brands in the RGF Staffing organisation should not pose problems to the IAM solution. Those who log in on the platform should immediately feel at home, because the platform carries the label they have the relationship with and offers dedicated functionality. On busy days, the IAM solution must be able to offer hundreds of thousands of users a smooth, quick and safe way to access the platform.

iWelcome meets all the requirements of RGF Staffing, and more. An important bonus for RGF Staffing is if there is a large influx of users due to unexpectedly large commercial successes, the additional costs of the IAM solution remain limited. RGF Staffing and iWelcome agreed on a flexible, cost-friendly ‘pay as your g(r)o(w)’ deal 

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Short time to service and rapid

The first part of the platform - the customer portal – was delivered in a very short period of time, with the intention to further develop. Ozum Talsma, Business Analyst: “We continue to develop the platform and its functionality. We will add more external tools to the platform, such as a time registration tool that should be easily accessible without additional logon with single sign-on. We prefer to add apps like, using APIs (application programming interfaces, interfaces into programs). We trust that we will have seamless integration of new applications, and that implementation should be possible in a short period of time, preferably in days.”

What is certain is that the portals meet a need, for candidates/employees and secondees, as well as for clients and RGF Staffing. “With the platform we digitise the engagement and interaction with these important customer groups,” says Wendy Zwaaf. “With the IAM solution of iWelcome the easy and safe access to our communication and information platform becomes more robust and efficient. This kind of service is rapidly becoming something that clients, candidates and flex workers have come to expect from organisations such as RGF Staffing. We are happy to keep pace with customer demands by bringing our products, services and interaction online in an easy and secure way.” 

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Identity as business enabler

The importance of the implementation of RGF Staffing’s platforms – and the easy and secure access that is offered by iWelcome’s IAM solution – lies for a large part in the future. According to Ozum Talsma. “In our industry, a well-organised business that offers great online solutions for collaboration and engagement will appear on the radar and on the shortlist of potential new customers sooner or later. In that respect, being ‘well organised’ brings business opportunities. Being able to guarantee that the IAM of the platforms is taken care of according to high standards, and that commercially sensitive information is well protected, then that is a clear advantage. “ 

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RGF Staffing business benefits

  • 1 platform for collaboration and engagement
  • Multi branding
  • Simple, secure and seamless access
  • Private Cloud
  • Short time to service
  • Identity as business enabler

RGF Staffing facts

  • Digitalising relationships
  • Pay as you g(r)o(w)
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Rapid onboarding of brands & users
  • 100% Cloud
  • Protect personal data

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