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Transforming utilities into a 'cool thing to have'

Being one of Europe’s most innovative tech companies, Quby is on a game-changing mission: to convert the energy industry from merely supplying to offering a service that helps people deal with every-day needs and challenges. With its smart Toon platform, Quby brings home automation to people throughout Europe.

How do these smart Toon solutions work
Quby is amongst Europe’s most innovative technology companies bringing Internet-of-Things right into people’s living room. With Quby’s Toon device (more than a smart thermostat), consumers are in full control of their energy consumption. It allows customers of any participating energy company to save energy, hence to contribute to a better (and greener) environment while lowering their monthly costs. This smart device even lets you know which appliances are the biggest energy wasters at home and in offices, while keeping an eye on your boiler – with clear and timely signals when it needs fixing.

Starting from the Netherlands, Quby has rapidly conquered markets in Belgium and Spain.

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The quest for scalability and better customer experiences

Before using iWelcome’s Consumer IAM solution, registering consumers was a manual process. After making an appointment, a qualified installer had to make a home-visit to manually install the Toon device and connect it to the energy provider. This process was time-consuming and not customer-friendly. Furthermore, data identity storage was not handled in the most effective and efficient way; all consumer identity data was stored and managed on different systems and servers.

Quby decided to team up with IT consultancy firm Capgemini to set up a future-proof digital IT infrastructure. The ultimate goal of this digitalisation was to improve customer satisfaction, boost scalability, improve security and lower costs. In order to reach this new level in digitalisation and customer-oriented service, Quby acknowledged the importance of data security. The company decided to adopt state-of-the-art standards for infrastructure and Identity and Access Management (IAM).

To make this happen, Quby searched the market for an industry-leading Consumer IAM solution that met its specific Internet-of-Things (IoT) requirements. The solution had to enable Quby’s multi-branding, multi-country commercial strategy with the flexibility to support different identity management models per energy provider. With the focus on the latest EU data privacy (GDPR) and control, the search for a suitable product and Consumer IAM provider led to the compilation of a long wish list that included many crucial items,
such as:

  • Support standard protocols
  • Fully API-ready
  • Device-to-cloud connectivity
  • Store data in EU data centres (Quby insists that customer data is not to leave the EU).
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Happy customers with iWelcome's Consumer IAM solution

iWelcome – Europe’s #1 Consumer Identity & Access Management solution provider – proved to be a logical choice. It meets Quby’s requirements with its multi-branding, multi-country Consumer IAM platform.

Teaming up with iWelcome turned out to be a business-enabling step for Quby.
The partners managed to roll out one platform for all underlying energy companies and countries. Moreover, iWelcome’s platform allows for connecting the Toon device to consumer identities, ticking another important IoT box for Quby’s ambitions of being the provider-of-choice of Toon platform services for Europe’s energy companies and their customers.

By implementing iWelcome, Quby’s registration process went from a manual installation process by Quby’s operators and suppliers to a self-service process to be performed by consumers at any point in time. Consumers benefit from a seamless and easy installation procedure, while participating energy companies eliminate time-consuming registration activities by third party suppliers. Everybody happy!

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Quby's next level

The new platform and the state-of-the-art Consumer IAM solution by iWelcome enabled Quby to significantly scale up its activities in the European countries and markets. Quby is able to offer next-level services, enabling more devices and millions of consumers for the household of the future.

These are clearly bsig steps ahead, that further enhance Quby’s offer and attractiveness to prospective clients in the energy market.

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